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    OK All Fixed problem after 2 hours with tec support and they could not fix so they sent ticket to Australia and said it would be 2-3 days but for some reason 3 hours later they emailed me Can you please go into the Vinyl Spooler, and from the "Settings" menu, ensure that "Force Position" is NOT selected. If it wasn't, go to the connection tab in the vinyl spooler and temporarily change the Port method to "Windows Port" and select "File". Select the file that had the problem and click "Cut now". Instead of sending the data to the cutter, it will prompt you to save a PLT file. Email this PLT file to tbtech@iifuture.com and we will check the cutting data that would be sent to the machine to rule out any software settings for you. But the force position was checked so I unchecked it and tried it and guess what it worked just fine. It didn't even occur to them that it might be checked. So I am a happy camper now. Thanks to all that tried to help me.
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    pretty simple - install the dongle and the dongle drivers with your flexi software
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    Great news, nothing was broke, just an incorrect setting. Now your off to cutting.. All cutters have to be set up correctly or they just won't cut. Sensors and settings. It can be frustrating as a new person, but you just have to be patient, and wait for tech support. We are just user- user people just trying to help out when we can. A lot of us have been on here for years and we still learn new stuff all the time.
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    It's vectored, you'll have to do the cleaning up, because that is a lot to ask of a bunch of volunteers. A little PhotoShop on your end before submitting it to the forum would have probably gone a long way in getting cleaner results. old school.eps old school.pdf old school.svg
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    And a lot of us can't remember for crap most of the time so even if I did something last year to fix some issue if I had to remember off the top of my head it would probably be no-go so thank you for posting what it was for future searches.
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    I'd be happy if I could just get the materials and skills to do my personal vehicles ... since I tend to go through them like water. I know that the $2800 asking is mostly for labor. I'm pretty sure that I have more time than money for a car wrap
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    Here is the REAL tip... Sagas are more expensive. Out of Saga .com the 24" servo is $1005.. NO ARMS. The warranty straight from SAGA is ONLY 3 years plus parts. . Your comparing a 72011 which is a Titan 2,,, Against a Titan 3,, The Titan2 is only $870 on sale right now. at UScutter . Is a servo cutter. The Saga cutter would be the 7211P vs Titan 3 Saga 7211P is $1145 at Saga Same price as UScutter. The difference is the ARMS on the Titan 3. https://www.uscutter.com/TITAN-2-Vinyl-Cutter-28-53-68-inch Also I would have looked up the motor number online, probably could have replaced it just by the number. Zencut was a GCC rebranded cutter which they still make. GCC is still in business.
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    If I am unable to turn down those customers, and for whatever reasons, need to do the job for them - I tend to do a hefty mark up for my time and aggravation. They may not be sitting next to me while I'm working on their vinyl, you can be sure that I'm still aggravated while I'm working on the layout, clean-up, cutting, weeding, taping, delivery, and possible installation. The most important part is to, at the very minimum, know your hard cost on material - what does the vinyl cost you for the different grades? is it reflective? is it frosted? is it camo? is it glittery? etc. Don't forget the cost of the application tape! Know what it cost you by square foot or square inch, whichever works best for you - then go from there. I don't use expensive squeegees or weeding tools, so I just consider that as part of the business expense since I get really great mileage out of it.
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    When I was getting started I had a couple friends do some undercover work with other local shops so I had a general idea what things were going for. Some things I was not interested in trying to compete with and others I could make a killing on. The print shop guys will always spank you on multi layer work because to them other than extra ink coverage it's all the same. I pushed the longevity of cut cast (751 or 951 etc...) that would get you 8-10 years on simple vehicle logo's where most of the printed work will show fading at the 5 year mark. New business people won't see this but those who have been buying logo's for years will get it. I charge more based on what they expect to pay than what it actually would add up to with cost plus margin. I don't do much regular vinyl anymore but one of my old regulars is a self installer and they buy a couple vehicles vinyl a year. I charge them $185 for two color graphics. They run a fairly sizable logo with other numbers and tag lines but my cost on the 951 is around $40 plus an hour shop labor so the profit margin is pretty high for me and no risk on the install. I typically charge $6 per SF per color layer for cast but when they get really large and easy cutting that can be lowered if I'm feeling generous. I measure the SF based on the roll not the actual design so for instance if the logo is over about 11 inches tall it will encroach into the second half of the 24" roll where my pinch rollers run so it costs $12 per running foot rather than $6 due to wasting the other half of the 24" roll. Some logo's only have a splash of second or third layer color and I determine that price off the cuff in large part whether they are picky and painful to work with or not. In actual build I most likely would stack the two sides and get both cut within that 24" roll but I still charge the other way. You will have enough trouble with messed up cuts or messed up taping off that you better plan to make enough that you can cover the occasional mistake because it WILL happen. Especially with a lower end cutter. The only job you will never lose money on is the one you turn down. Some people are too much drama to work for unless you are charging so much it makes you warm and fuzzy inside. It's called passive aggressive, I know, I have issues.