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    Hi, good question ----- (drop the word "printer" from your vocabulary, just a friendly suggestion). Since you did not specify the size of these trucks, it's hard to evaluate the size machine you'll be needing. Most likely, a 34" unit is appropriate (for using 30" vinyl rolls ---- with a practical cut width of 28.5" max.) SC2 *34" USCUTTER model is $460 plus shipping. Then, you can add some consumables (vinyl and app tape). BOOM, you are beyond $600. Here is the app-tape dispenser I've built to handle the 30" materials (clamps onto 3' x 8' costco tabletop).
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    Thanks for the clarification and reference, this whole issue would have been better served as one post/thread under Graphtec.. Ugh, I cannot keep track of who posts multiple, related issues, especially when it's on different board. I'm just easily confused that way Hahaha.
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    I just a quick test on my setup. Cutting Master 4 opened up perfectly without being connected to my network, much less any internet connection. The only noticeable thing for me, was that the machine needed to be on, so when you select your cutter, the software detects that it's on and connected to it.
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    that is buried deep in the system maint file that is hard to access even when you have the directions - first thing to do is to get a nozzle check and see if it has missing nozzles in the print. I have seen deflected nozzles come back but have never seen missing nozzles come back on a solvent printer. make sure to find a service manual for the printer as you will be doing maint and replacement after a while on any solvent printer - nature of the beast - I always planned on about $1K a year maint for a replacement head, wipers, dampers, etc. you are best to visit a friend for a day that has a solvent printer to learn about them before purchasing - my first one I drove over 4 hrs each way for my education session
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    I was doing this a few yrs ago. I ended up buying a 54" sc starter combo. I felt like being a newbie never cutting vinyl before, this would be the easiest way to make my own sign for our business . no heat press, just all the tools to start cutting vinyl. maybe the sign shop combo. but always had intentions to add htv . I even ordered htv with my initial order. so 6 months or so later after learning how to cut vinyl a friend came in on a fri wanting shirts for a biz meeting with FEMA by mon. Quickest thing I could get because of amazons sun del was a press from there. so I didn't see anything I really was interested in so didn't want to spend a lot. in the jam I ordered a $125- $150 9x12 swing arm press. I def made my $ back quickly. have now upgraded both cutter and press. with that being said, I would def do it different if I was starting from scratch again, and that is starting with higher quality servo cutter from the start. there is a difference. like others have posted , it really shows in larger cuts. I had to redo my 1st BIG commercial job. I didn't catch the error before the customer did. so that was a tough 1. starting out with the cheaper stepper cutter you will def learn all the tricks to getting clean cuts. then really appreciate a servo cutter when you get there. my upgrade to servo was with a pre owned cutter, but if doing it from the beginning , Ive seen the Titan 2 on sale at affordable price for a servo. a friend of mine loves and swears by his, less than half the price of a Graphtec or Roland.