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    Thanksgiving is the day you can give people the bird and they thank you for it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.
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    We all have good things to be thankful for... thankfully. By the way, with Thanksgiving here it's now the time to put up Christmas decorations. So, here is a good way to decorate --- (FONT DINGS)
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all...
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    A special THANKS to all who take the time to help here on this forum! Sue2
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    And right back atcha! And thanks to all the regulars and newbies who frequent the forum.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    What ever you do outside of printing and applying your own logo to his racecar/fleet/.... Do not print any other logos without written permission that they has the authority to reproduce. There have been a number of other businesses here in the forums being sued for reproducing logos that the racecar drive did not have permission to do so. good luck
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all
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    Just wanting to know if anyone braved Black Friday, and if so, what kind of stuff did you score? My family does shopping by proxy, which usually means, I'm fighting the crowds, while they're calling to tell me what they want. This year, they scored 50% laptop accessories, and a seriously marked down Fossil Smart Watch. I just scooped up a 1TB SSD HD, to upgrade something at some point.
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone.