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    I was not involved but for proprietary reasons competitor products are not linked too on the USC forum. Not a legality things so much as a forum thing in this case. They pay to keep the forum open so we try to limit the out of system advertising. It's well known that the forum is friendly to all sorts of cutting and vinyl related questions as seen in things like "Competitor cutter help" section, etc... but there IS a line in the sand and as mods we try to keep it defined.
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    Now we know that can't be right, it's way to sensible be law.
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    I don't believe there are any legal issues with posting a link to a YouTube video. If the creator of the video didn't want it shared they'd make it private. Downloading and reuploading the video is where you'd get into legal issues.
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    My first post was less than a half hour ago. This is my second post. "The OLD USCutter SC2 page offered..." I'm referring to the page on the USCutter Web site that offered SC2 for sale – BEFORE the option to buy it with SCAL was removed. That was around the time that both SC and SC2 were being offered. I don't know or care who "makes" the cutter. As far as I'm concerned, it is "made by" USCutter, because it has USCutter's name on it. If I buy a Ford or Chevy, I don't care that it was "made by" Joe and his friends at some Detroit factory. Now, perhaps you can explain why the support page – active right this moment -- says, "With exception the of the MH cutters ... all of the vinyl cutters we sell will work with Mac OSX." USCutter sells SC2; therefore, SC2 (as part of "ALL vinyl cutters we sell") will work with Max OSX.
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    I can do better than a screen shot; here are links to the actual USCutter pages (active 9/30/18) that say SC2 works with Macs: From the "support" pages: https://support.uscutter.com/support/solutions/articles/14000030239-do-the-vinyl-cutters-work-with-macs- Refurb'd SC cutter with SCALP3 included: https://www.uscutter.com/Refurbished-USCutter-SC-Series-Vinyl-Cutter-With-Sure-Cuts-A-Lot-Pro-Design-Cut-Software The OLD USCutter SC2 page offered SC2 with a choice of VM or SCAL. In February or March, 2018, the option to include SCAL software with the cutter was dropped from the order page. On March 7 e-mailed support with this question (Ticket 79538): "I'm about to buy a vinyl cutter, and I've settled on your SC2, but I can't get consistent information about whether it will work with my Mac (iMac/ OSX 10.11 / 4GB memory). Depending on where I look on your site, the SC2 either will or won't work with a Mac." ... and they replied, "Sure cuts alot is the Mac option. I am working on getting this typo corrected thank you for bringing this to my attention." The "will it or won't it work with a Mac" inconsistencies persist on their site, but I took the answer from support as true and bought the printer (it came with VM, which as far as I can tell, cannot use my system's fonts). I later upgraded to SCAL5 (not Pro) directly from Craft Edge (as suggested in USC's Aug 31 Webinar), which CAN use my system's fonts. Since my only use for this cutter is the creation of menu boards for carnival concession booths, the use of fonts is not just critical -- it's absolutely required. Randy The Zaar
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    Aren't those known as "sugar skulls" too? If so, here's one that I have... Enjoy! sugar skull.eps
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    ok I am pretty sure I am the oldest on here, wow such talent for youngins, at your ages i still didnt know what i wanted to be when i grew up lol here is my mug shot