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    In VinylMaster... >File > New Document >File > Import >File Grab the file you want and then it will put you back on the blank new document. Place your cursor where you want it and left click. Click on the image to select it and then >Arrange >Ungroup to make the bits editable. You can actually import multiple SVGs to the same document. { WOOT WOOT! 100 posts! I wish my high school guidance counselor could see me now!!! }
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    Careful trimming is a big key to success for sure. When I started out I just whacked it off wherever and didn't pay attention. I NOW trim as square and exact as I can. I generally use 1/2" or 1/8" edges so they are consistent and if all your app tape is square to your vinyl then you just have to line up the tape and it's 10 times faster and more accurate than trying to see through the paper and measure to a letter.
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    I think the next thing I have to tape I will try the tape facing up. I’ll just flip my roll on try that. Yeah the static is rough. I usually always use the paper tape, but sometimes I have to make signs that are like 8 rows of text and the height of the sign is 4’. It’s just easier to do a line at a time with the clear so I can see my marks to lay it. If I use paper tape, I trim it and the very bottom of the don’t ans the top to line it up better. It’s just so much easier when you can use the clear and see exactly where the mark is.
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    I still say was done on a CNC Machine looks to big to have been done on a carvewright. I own a carvewright and a CNC Machine. Besides a carvewright isn`t that accurate. mark-s
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    That’s my little setup I designed
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    Mine was not nearly as well built as that but I've done similar however the static lift was always a problem. If they are anything reasonably small or safely fit on the app tape I just flip the tape sticky side up and place the work face down into it. Everything else that are too long to safely do that or too close to the edges and I don't want to miss an edge I just use my 24" Big Squeegee. I don't do a lot of sign vinyl anyone but I just taped off two 8ft sections last weekend on my 6ft table with no helpers. Once learned the BS works easy. I think those rubber roller style that hold the roll probably work great too but I think you would still have the issue of running at least a few inches out so you know where it's going to head so you don't run crooked off the edge of the work on long stuff.
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    What software are you using? The cutter doesn't care what the file is formatted in.
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    I have a Hair salon in Conway
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    ha, i was eating, shows how well i multi task when food is involved. lo.l when i 1st started i bought up several of their pre cut signs n different sizes. still have a few of those , actually a lot of them left. mainly because i started cutting a few of odd sizes out of the scrap i had left over from different projects. will look if i have a pic of the last i just made for a friend, a double sided open/close sign for her greenhouse. it just depends, from the reg painted alum .040 to max metal. but seems i end up with more max metal than anything. kinda gotten used to working with it. ordering a sheet next week for a commercial sign job.
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    welcome , I finally have another MB peep on here. my 1st cutter was an sc model from us cutter , and the 2 programs I use to cut with is VM which came with my cutter, but then I upgraded to scalps 4 , i save all my work as an svg file where u at dn here? we have a store in surfside
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    Well, this is a year and a half too late but that was likely made on a CarveWright. If you look closely there are vertical lines in the recess of the carve, mine do the same.
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    As everyone has identified. The issue is scaling issue and requires a setting to be adjusted. Please see this guide: My artwork is cutting at the Wrong Size?
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    I messed one up and peeled it off the backing paper. It’s too deep. I usually have a dent from where the blade makes contact with the backing but this is cutting the backing paper just a bit. I should ah e seen that when I weeded the first sheet with the test box cut but I didn’t. I’ll update later when I recut the messed up one!
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    I ordered some vinyl 2 weeks ago and instead of glow in the dark got a completely different color, metallic red. I finally get the replacement vinyl and laid the piece out today for cutting. It is 4 INCHES too short. 3 Feet equals 36". I got whatever was left on the roll, which measured 32". What's the deal? I can absolutely understand a 1/2-1" discrepancy, but 4 INCHES???? Measure your vinyl guys.
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    If it's going to be off by an inch or so it should always be in the customer's favor. The per foot markup is huge, the customer should never get cheated. I've been in retail for 4o years, you always error in the customer's favor.
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    SVG format IS vector and almost all cutting programs can handle them. SVG = Scalable Vector Graphic Welcome from Idaho!