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    I'm sure the pressure reading is a relatively arbitrary number and not a true gram reading. However, from one LPII to the next it should be reasonably comparable. With the factory blades I was running 185g. Switching to the CleanCut I'm able to get much better precision and easier weeding at only 111g. The blades made a huge difference. It was like upgrading the whole cutter. But the type of blade won't make make a bit of difference if the depth isn't set right. Mz Skeeter's instructions are everywhere on this board and are worth committing to memory.
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    NOOOOOOO! Never EVER have that much blade sticking out. If you can easily see the blade you have too much. Look for Mz Skeeter's instructions on these forums on how to set the blade depth, been posted hundreds of times. The majority of your problems sounds like your cutting into the backing paper which will be solved by setting the blade depth correctly. If you're just doing a shirt for yourself or a friend you can "get by" with an iron. But if you're going to be selling shirts you need a proper press. Also keep in mind the MH is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. It is what I have, and it can be made to work quite well but you do have to do quite a bit of tweaking and learning to get it to perform well.
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    Hi TMFWade, I'm not sure what your specifics were other than what I've seen addressed above regarding pinch rollers and tracking, but regardless we should have treated you fairly when you contacted us. If that's not how you feel things went, I'd like to know the details so I can work with the Customer Service manage to make sure he receives the feedback. If you want to send me a direct message, I'll make sure it gets addressed appropriately. Thank You
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    Hi Marissa, I wanted to follow up with you regarding your experience trying to get a stand replacement. I know the representative who was working with you originally is no longer with the company, and I am hoping that hasn't impacted your ability to get your stand replaced. If you can direct message us here with your order information, whoever gets the message can make sure we get this resolved once and for all. Thank You
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    Straight-up, a roll of 651 white, (whether new out-of-the-box, or a little bit older) is the only color I have to absolutely increase the force on, whether on my LP or Graphtec. I do have to add a little more force to some of my older 651 colors, but not when they're new. I just chalk it up to, "It is what it is." I know I have to do it, so I can get clean cuts that are easy to weed.
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    Hello! Thanks for the feedback regarding your recent orders. You definitely should have received the material as single continuous pieces if that was how the product you purchased was described. If possible, we'd like a chance to get this corrected for you and also have the information to pass along to the appropriate warehouse manager(s) to make sure any training issues get addressed. Give us a call and we'll make sure we get this sorted for you!
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    I don't know enough about SCALP to know what is happening. One thing that stands out is the artwork is larger than the canvas. Maybe this gives SCALP grief. Link below for a ai file with the canvas resized to match the artwork. The color document model is using CMYK. Maybe SCALP can't deal with cmyk? I also am a bit confused what this has to do with SVG. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q766n6ummlb6h64/86txtroop resized.ai?dl=0
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    Contact UScutter tech support. This is a user to user forum pretty much.
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    If the vinyl came from UScutter, it would be pretty fresh, Force numbers, depends on how the blade depth is set. That is where you start, you must get the blade depth correct from the git go. Then your force comes into play.
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    I have seen & have bought a sign like this at the NC State Fair a few years ago. It's printed on. You pick the sign and give them the name. For a extra price you can get it framed. You return in an hour or so to pick the banner up. To me it's not really a banner as much as a long poster. I bought a NY Yankees one for my Son & a dolphin one for my daughter. Its a neat item and I myself would love to able to add it.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. There is a lot of talent, helpful and friendly people on this site. I started out with a used Summa D60 vinyl cutter and that was 10 years ago. It still does everything I need it to do. It tracks well, I have cut vinyl N numbers for helicopters that are 6 feet in length. I have also used it to cut instrument panels for model airplanes. Good luck with your venture and once again welcome.
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    great choice and won't have to upgrade down the road - knights run forever
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    After tons of research and all your extremely helpful advice from all of you, I have it narrowed down to a titan 3 cutter and a geo knight press 16x20 DK20. What are your thoughts with starting out with these?