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    sorry got tied up with other issues and went back to the cutter.. i had the rollers close to the edge because i thought you had to use the sensors before i turned them off.. good news is after messing with it i saw your response and i have been moving the cutter head to the right before i turn it on. Then i have the rollers on the blue areas but farther inside then i previously had it. I still haven't tested the prefeed yet but I will soon. So far the cutter is working great. Thanks MzSkeeter for all the help. Any other tips you can share I would appreciate it.
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    From a google search, PES files are the commands that are sent to the embroidery machine. You have to use PE-Design software to build your design and then generate the PES file. Do you have PE_Design software?
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    I would contact support on the driver problem (personally I would delete the driver first and try reinstall before I called to quicken the troubleshooting) - on flexi 12 that would require contacting SAI directly - - - SAI is the maker of flexi12 - you can try the liyu drivers if a sc1 but so far the members on the forum are not sure who the maker is of the sc2. USCutter empolyees seldom visit the user forum so your quickest results would be to call support