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    Offset affects corner sharpness, start and stop points not matching up is a tracking issue or a file issue.
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    If you want to cut directly out of AI on a mac go with SignCut Pro 1, That's what I use. If your cutter is not on their list I can guarantee they will add it or figure out which driver is compatible. They have actual live tech support and will even remote access your computer if you need them to in order to get you running. SignCut Pro 1 is just a cutting utility that can't do much else on it's own. It acts as an interface with your cutter and has a plug-in for Illustrator. I don't use it straight from my mac most of the time (but I can) because I want to be working while my cutter is cutting and I keep the cutter in a separate part of my workspace. SignCut is compatible with both mac and PC and if you like it and buy a lifetime dongle you can load the program on any computer and then just plug the dongle in and cut from whichever you choose. If you don't go the dongle route then you can still swap computers but you have to change it over and they only allow 5 computer hops then you have to call in and talk to them. The dongles are for sale at a reasonable rate on the USCutter website. I paid about $400 for mine when I bought it and they are a lot less now. You have to use a design program like AI or similar in order to have a good experience with SignCut because Pro 1 does do design. There is a new version Pro 2 that is out and I have no idea what it does. I am happy with Pro 1 and my workflow is efficient.
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    "Would any one have a good high res image of this eagle? I need to print it out in large format on my versacamm. Thanks" Wait...you did originally ask for a copy of the file to print....not how to locate the copyright owner. Sue2
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    actually the Saga cutters are quite a bit better than redsail - redsail is like the refine MH cutters for comparison
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    thanks haumana the pause button allowed me to jog... just did my first succesful cut.