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    It almost sounds like the keypad itself has issues. As you mention that even the arrows Online would change the speed and pressure. Which you say it isn't doing. Possibly the physical connector/plug to the keypad is somehow dislodged slightly (allowing just the reset to work). Yeah, a bit of screw removal and taking off the top cover, check what's 'under the hood'
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    Using the default settings it traces it fine. Then outline it 0.25" using this tool (tip change the corner style for variation):
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    Nothing in the manual? CONTROL PANEL Used to provide input directly to the cutter.( Covered in detail in the “Control Panel” section of this manual.) Right in section CONTROL PANEL. UScutter.com website SUPPORT has all of the user manuals as well as FAQ for their vinyl cutters. Page 21 Very detailed user manual for the Laserpointer 3. You have to actually read it, madmorgan!
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    From the USCUTTER.com website SUPPORT> user manual Laser3. Page 21
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    Did you push the LOCAL button first? Before using the arrows. The Local button allows you to move the vinyl with the arrows.. What about the UP and DOWN arrows? They have a purpose also.
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    I don't have a LP3, but I'm guessing it kind of functions close to what my LP does. You need to take the machine "offline" before you can use the arrow keys to jog the vinyl, or more the blade carriage. As far as setting the pressure - it really depends on the vinyl, and that's what the test is for. it's cut a small box and you can see if there was enough pressure dialed in to cut through the vinyl. I have some carbon fiber vinyl, and it requires a ridiculous amount of pressure, but that is probably going to differ depending on the manufacturer of the material. "Test" will save you vinyl if you're not sure.
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    The ORIGIN button is not supposed to show you doing anything. You push that button before you send your design to cut. That is your measuring point, X,Y measures from that point, when you push the Origin button. ORIGIN makes X,Y 0,0. Just glancing at the user manual, put the cutter on LOCAL, then jog the cutter head, then go back online again. On Local is when you change settings. Looks like to me.