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    What brand of HTV. What type of jersey material (occasionally some are nylon is why I ask). This is your first post so I have to ask what press are you using and have you made fully sure the temperature is spot on? HTV is all about 3 things: Time, Temp and Pressure. Most if not all of the budget presses are off by no small margin on the temp. Heck even my Fusion was off by 40deg so get yourself an infrared temp gun and check your platen in several spots. Generally speaking when in doubt I tend to put a little more pressure and a little more heat rather than less pressure or less heat. If your platen has a cool spot then make that the spot you set the heat from so it's always going to be at least the recommended.
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    I can never manage to cut the vinyl perpendicular to the roll, so to try and align the vinyl based on the cut edge would go horribly wrong for me. If it's bunching, then either you've got too much pressure/force going on and it's cutting through or applying so much force that it's dragging. Also, check your pinch rollers and make sure that they're clean. If you're cutting directly off of a roll, it's rolled pretty darn straight with equal tension. I rarely need to jog the vinyl back and forth to check for straight. If it's a smaller piece, or something that isn't on a roll for me, then yes, I do jog the vinyl back and forth and gauge the 'straightness' based on the vertical (molded) lines on the front of the machine.
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    I am not sure what is going on. First thing I thought of was maybe you are not pre-pressing for a few seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.
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    make sure the pinch rollers are equal distance from the vinyl edge approx 1 inch. and that the vinyl is tight from pinch rollers to vinyl roll. The vinyl does not have to be straight across the cutting strip, just make sure it is passed the cutting strip. Everything needs to be pulled equal. Works perfect.