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    I just printed for the first time in months myself and the sg800 printed perfect. I recently built a large cnc router so i got sidetracked on sublimation for awhile. Coming from the epson world i was very impressed that it printed well being idle so long. If it was an Epson it would have been another boat anchor lol
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    A few weeks ago my wife's old desktop quit working. Thankfully, I keep up with our backups. After many tests I determined that the mother board was bad. I spent the next weeks shopping around for another unit with what she wanted for the right price. Today, during our weekly travels, we stopped by a local Thrift Store. They were having a huge sale so we started looking around. The first room I went in had a computer in it's original box, with a keypad and mouse. When I asked them if it worked I was told that if it was in a box, it was not tested. I took a gamble and bought it. Long story short, when I got home I hooked it up and it worked. It was not even password protected. It's an HP, Quad-core, 1TB hard drive, 6GB Ram, Light scribe DVD, and Windows 7 that was upgraded to Windows 10. Here's the kicker.The price sticker was $10.00. With the sale discount, they told me it would cost, with sales tax, $2.68. Yes, two dollars and sixty eight cents. Gotta love those Thrift Stores
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    Sorry wildgoose I have not been on for awhile. I did do what you suggest on the color strips and came up with one that was pretty darn close. Sent it to the body shop that was working on the truck and the customer love it. Also thanks everyone for the help. Thanks Matt
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    If your customers are going to be that picky then you should really invest in color guides from each manufacture. It's the only way to truly get as close of a match as possible.
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    That's a hard color to match. I do a lot of pinstriping and that's a perfect match for a 3M pinstripe 085 Light Gold Metallic but 3M doesn't make vinyl rolls in that color anymore. I've looked at pretty much every vinyl manufacturer for vinyl to match that stripe and the best I've found is Avery Supercast 900 Metallic 217 Light Gold and Sharpline 044 Light Gold Metallic. The Avery looks perfect but if you put it on top of the Arizona Beige, it has a slightly different shine to it. It should be fine if you're putting it on the white part of the truck. I think Sharpline may be a better match but I've never used it, I just have it on my own color match list as a backup.
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    The only site I found that gives color code conversion info for Ford Arizona Beige is here. Hope this helps you get close.
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    If you're comfortable with swapping hard drives, cloning a drive is actually pretty easy with the program CloneZilla.