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    Ah I was aware of this kind of adhesive vinyl, https://www.papilio.com makes some I've used, (for short term stuff,) before. It was "ink jet htv" that threw me.
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    No comment for the tableware just a plus one for the shirt option. didn't mean to confuse the subject.
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    HTV on tableware??
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    I have never heard of standard ink, inkjet htv. All the printable vinyl I am aware of uses solvent or eco-solvent ink. Those machines run 9k-200k. There are transfers for standard desktop inkjets. but are not vinyl. They are not great I find. Mileage varies. The cheapest entry into full color that still looks good is what Dakotagrafx said, sublimation. It just works on polyester. I would just get a dedicated sublimation printer if I did this, and not try to run sub inks through my daily printer. Maybe look into ordering plastisol transfers for the shirts such as https://www.fmexpressions.com/landing/full-color-program/ among many.
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    sublimation printing is the way to go on stuff for the coffee shop - will require special printer, special mugs and tumblers and a mug press or cactus wraps. personally I wouldn't plan on printed vinyl or even cut vinyl holding up in that kind of use but if printed either latex or eco solvent printed
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    I put up some 631 waves on a textured wall with no problems and pealed them off easily a few years later. Although I could see how a skinny design might have trouble sticking to a textured wall. Surface area plays a really big role in how well something sticks and how easy it is to remove.
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    I suspect you still have too much blade exposure. The circles that cut all the way through are most likely a combination of too much blade and a double line in the design. With a double or more line, it looks fine in the design but the cutter will go over the line 2 or more times. That with a combination of too much blade exposure would easily cut through the backing paper. When you peal your designs off the backing paper, looks closely at the paper. Is there only a light indentation, or is the paper scored/cut?
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    You are absolutely correct dcbevins, in the middle of new windows and Home Depot can’t measure. And they are one short on custom window with siding due next week. This is just one that is 2.5 “ off after they moved it up 3/4” I’ve been a little distracted, ok and they had vehicle problems so getting our bedroom windows in so we can move the bed back is on hold, Sorry to get off topic