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    Seems from the photos that your blade is cutting right through the backing paper -- it should not do that.
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    "cut very very nice the anchor " It's not!!! It's less blade, more force... That is the combination. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder.
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    It doesn't look right to me.. Either you made a lousy design or the N is cut wrong. The corners are not sharp/ square. They are rounded on each side. Bottom of N top of N. (Is that the way it is supposed to be?.) The white design zoomed up looks like the vinyl is cut too deep and the vinyl is lifted up everywhere. The X left upper corner is not right, It goes further into the background vinyl. A properly set Graphtec cuts better than that. No way should the cutter be cutting thru the vinyl like that..thru the design, and cutting thru like that will put gouges in the cutting strip.
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    I want to thank you for your time it was a user error and it’s official I do not know how to talk when it comes down to the issue I’m having. I did not notice the tab issue at all, I had it above not below & I guess when I was looking at the manual I was not understanding what it was talking about so I was just winging it thinking it was a force / speed issue. The machine works amazing and no issues with my Mac I’m officially a happy camper. First 2 cuts with it ..... cut very very nice the anchor I don’t know why it punched holes at top but I’m sure it was the way I made it in adobe illustrator because the rest of the vinyl is perfect.
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    so was the tab over the ridge on the blade holder - we are still trying to go thru the list
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    thank you so much for the response!
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    Looks nice and I'm glad to hear that 651 lasted 6 years on a boat. Do you have any pics of it near the end of the 6 years?
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    Can you tell me what app tape you used and also if you did a wet or dry application? Thanks in advance!
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    This is a sign I created for a friends Small Engine Repair business.
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    Oracal 651 believe it or not !!! The last vinyl made it 6 years !!