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    Mac? Did someone say Mac? Hahaha. You first need to determine how to you want to run your Windows on the Mac - As a stand alone, Mac or Win; or to just fire up Windows while keeping all the Mac stuff functional. My cutting software of choice is SBE, so that's the environment I cut from. I also run a version of Quicken that Intuit will never release for Mac, Inkscape (because even though it will run on Mac, PC does it way easier), and some other software I use to print on CD/DVDs and PVC ID Cards. So I do get my use out of the Windows side too. Bootcamp is free, and is already in OSX, just a matter of deciding how to partition to make room for windows. You can choose which environment to boot up when you fire up the computer - Mac or Win. I had someone who absolutely struggled with Mac, so I setup Win via Bootcamp, and then designated that to the primary partition to start up. She was the only one in a government agency that had a Mac laptop running exclusively on Windows Another option is VMware Fusion or Parallels. It's not free, but well worth the money if you need to run Windows within the Mac environment. I do it often, and it does it very, very well. I currently run a MacPro Tower, with 2 quad cores, what RAM I could afford when I configured the machine, and 4 HD's. The first is dedicated to OS, the second is dedicated with running my windows via Parallels, and the 3rd and 4th are strictly data storage. If you have any other questions, ask - hopefully I can help.
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    Now my rig is just a glorified email station. Hahaha. I cut over and setup my Mac when my last PC bit the dust. I was tired of replacing the HDs and/or entire box every few years. I bit the dust and forked a lot of dough for the Mac. Then again, at that time I was deeper in web design, and some light video editing - it was easier for me to use Macromedia and Adobe Suites with Mac. I have to say that I do not regret it, and have been running this setup for almost 10-years and it's still going strong. I've done a few upgrades here and there - like when I had to replace the OS HD, I swapped it out with an SSD so not it boots fairly quickly. I love that since convincing a lot of my customers to go Mac, there are less service calls I need to do. Basically I'm putting myself out of business, since I do mostly computer software/hardware, desktop/laptop, PC/Mac stuff. Oh well, more time to read!
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    may be time to step up from the redsail plotter too since trying to step up - move to something that is mac compatible along with the software to start with then. I can appreciate wanting to change your operation but when working with a value cutter it limits your options somewhat unless doing like Haumana sayz
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    I've seen it done before. They're called Hackintosh. I have attempted to do it on one of my netbooks, but then reinstalled Win because it was too hard to navigate Mac on such a tiny screen. There are some write-ups on the internet as to which make/model of PCs are compatible and what type of mods you need to make to get them to be a fully functional Mac. A lot of times, it's just adding in an aftermarket WiFi if you're not going to hard wire it to the web. I swapped out my MacBook Pro to an SSD. Wicked fast! Love it!!
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    Sorry, I meant to quote eprvinyls. This is my part time gig as well. I am a college nursing professor so I don’t want to give that up but I really enjoy building this decal business and I am happy with it not being a full time job. I turn down just about every job offered to me here in town because I just like the way online sales work now that I have it figured out. I’m glad it’s working out for you!
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    Kind of a side question, you always hear about running windows stuff on Macs, does anyone ever run mac stuff on windows?
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    SSD's are freaky fast. I'm no techie but I bought a couple used business laptops for a couple of my kids as they headed off to college and the guy I went through buys them in bulk when large companies swap out and then works them over and resells them at a great price. He offers SSD swap-ins and we fired up two identical laptops side by side one with regular drive and one solid state and the difference was mind blowing. I went that way on both of the two I bought partly for the boot-up speed but also because college kids might be more prone to dropping the thing and the battery life is supposed to be better as well.
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    Wow nice set up haumana !
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    Man? I am a woman..and my age is 68 years young...Yes over 1500 ads. Plus I keep adding to it. I used to have 2500, but Ebay raised fees, So I took off 1000. I have plenty to offer, men or women. At 3-4 items, not worth looking at. Imagine walking into a store, and there is only 3 or 4 items on the shelf. (that's you) They walk right out. Or walking in a store with over 1500 items to look at in all kinds of different colors, sizes and prices.(that's me) plus items for those impulse buyers..I provide great quality work at reasonable prices with very fast shipping. My turn around is same day/next day. Depends what time of day they purchase, and all of my items are cut and processed at time of purchase. I have done many of the same items many, many times sold, so it makes them easier to do. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=7UwXW_HTAsOWsAX52amwCA&q=vector+clipart&oq=vector+clipart&gs_l=psy-ab.13..0l10.4575.8302.0.11644.
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    Are you talking to me hotrodz0321? If so,, I am plenty busy, I have over 1500 ads up, mostly big stuff. I did my 30 year career elsewhere. This is a part-time job for me. I don't want to be any busier than that. I have turned down contracts and BIG orders.
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    If you put a color and your setup is sensitive enough, it will try to print whatever shade of white it thinks it sees. If your material is white and just want that to show through, then you need to set those parts of your design to be transparent.
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    With eBay you can search what has already sold recently...not just what people are selling. Search for sold & completed listings in the category you sell in and set the criteria to a dollar amount higher than 30$. You’ll see what people are buying and current trends. The two things that were a game changer for me was investing in a professional cutter (Graphtec fc) and borrowing vehicles from friends and making decal templates off of their car. I make kits in bulk for a few hours and have them prepackaged about a month in advance so as they sell I just grab it on my way out and take them to the post office. The cutter is amazing. It’ll cut 15’ and I don’t have to worry about tracking. I used to have to babysit my low end cutter but now it cuts as fast as I can weed so it really streamlined my process. It took work to get where I am but it was worth it.
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    Yeah Parallels is one option and Bootcamp is right on the mac will do it too and is free. I have not done either one but there are several on the forum who run this way. Pretty sure both apps basically partition off a section of your HD and you will actually boot up the other operating system so you run one or the other but not both at once. That is just from what I have read. I am a mac convert and really have not wanted anything windows based to be on my mac.
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    Uline sells any size box you need. You figure the shipping and supplies in with the price, is the best option. There is plenty of vector clipart out there. You need to invest in designs.. Not sit there and spin your wheels. Just because it may look close to someone else, doesn't mean it won't sell for you. Change it to suit you. It's a vector after all. Change the color, change the size. Only buy vector clipart, that you have permission to use the design. Tons out there, You must not be looking. It not not matter, it you buy from a designer who sells to everyone one. You have the license to sell it also, as long as they are a legal seller of the designs. You won't own the designs, You have a license to USE the designs.. You could never sell their designs. (clipart). Go to Vectorstock/Shutterstock and many other sites and look. They have millions of images. Why is that cutter a pain over 3 ft.? And I sell many 3 ft and less designs for over $40.. Many people on here use an SC and SC2 for big designs. If you would start making over $60 an hour like I do., (decals only) you would be saying "BRING IT ON" !!! I created my own business, in 2006, before I ever knew of this forum, and I just keep adding to it. Big decals are so much faster and easier to do then those little ones.
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    Search Creation Pcut pen holder. That is the brand/model of that cutter. They still come up for sale, but you may have to order from China.