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    Yes, tons of people make small decals, there is no money in it. Unless your selling 100 plus every day. Your killing yourself doing that. If you look on Ebay, People are selling dirt cheap,, 99 cents and free shipping, can you compete with that? My most popular decals run from $50- $125.. a set. I only have to sell a few a week. not 100's a day. What most people are selling as far as $5.00 decals, That is my scrap. So those would be free to me, but I let the cheap Ebay sellers mess with that stuff, waste of my time.
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    First off, what was your plan when you got a vinyl cutter? You should have had goals already set up...What works for someone else may not work for you. You can hand a person a fully paid off business, and they can fail. if they don't have enough ambition and know how to make it work. It's all up to YOU to create your own niche' , not what everyone else is doing. That is your problem, your trying to do what everyone else is doing. I do not sell anything local, I sell to the USA. And it has supported me for 11 years. My quality, prices, and great detailed work, and unique designs bring me customers and repeat buyers. I have never changed what I started doing, I just added to it. If your only going to sell local, you are pretty limited, you will have to create something for only your area, and price it for your area.
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    good luck man, i'm in the same boat i guess been cutting since Valentines day and so far ive done a few in memory stickers for cars, some bigger graphics for a truck, about 20 shirts total and few other odd and ends but all where for friends, I still not sure how to get my name out there. that is what i'm finding the hardest thing
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    I wondered about the free for personal use, but oddly, I couldn't find any sort of license agreement on any of the free sites. Fonts I've looked at in the past usually have something saying for personal use only or what ever. Unfortunately I can't pass the cost on to my customer, the customer is my wife. Best I could do would be to claim it as a business deduction on taxes next year.
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    A lot are free for personal use but not for commercial. If it's something that will be out there like a business logo then you'll want to contact the font owner directly. Even buying it may not be enough in some circumstances. If it was going to be the main focal point in a trademark logo it would be worth the extra effort to be totally sure all the proper rights have been purchased.
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    I really appreciate your suggestion! I picked up a hot press pillow and it worked great! Thank you!
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    Harley could buy it off of FB, and your nailed. It was sold to them. They have lawyers do this all the time. There is no other item or name that is Harley -Davidson. It does not have to be perfect, that is their name and logo. It is pretty easy to see all of their logos being sold online. They know what is theirs. There is a little tool called Google reverse image search.
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    its not a perfect match to the original but since done all by hand not bad at all.. if your wanting to buy it then even if harley came knocking on your door cause you had it hanging in the yard i wouldn't think you would get in trouble. But what do i know. I get told Daily i doing something i shouldn't
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    absolutely a violation, he must have stayed in a holiday in express last night
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    she still has 2 bedrooms and she picked that when she kicked it out of the family room
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    This is a sign I created for a friends Small Engine Repair business.
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    Maybe this will work for you... pressure_washer_wand.EPS