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    Ive never had to deal with issues thank goodness, i got my Cutter from their Ebay store cause same cutter with free shipping. Ive ordered Vinyl from there website tho w.o issues. I love my SC2 cutter have had it since Valentines day this year
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    Same experience here. Very rarely and issue and when something goes awry they take care of it. The forum here is incredible. I was as green as you can get and the crew here so helpful that I have stuck around ever since to sort of pay it forward. (and just a fun bunch to interact with)
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    Only problem I've ever had was some vinyl never showed up. When I contacted support they sent out the order that day and gave me a discount on the order. Very pleased with them and this forum is great. Support from community members as well as official support can't be beat.
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    its a big order and if you need it done in a few days its really a big day but my local place i get vinyl at does all the baseball shirts for the school. i think she said 100 shirts or something like that she gets her daughter and a few friends to come in and help weed so she can get them done in a timely manner. i might freak out if i ever get a order that big but it is doable im sure. My largest so far is 15 front and back. I did 8 at one time and had to get more HTV. I knew i would need more and was waiting for payment on other half. I paid for all shirts with the 1st half of the money.
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    Check into ordering transfers. I had to do 80 shirts for a ball team listing their winnings on the back. I went to Transfer express and got them for $161. You can try out Transfer express for free and mess with their layouts. If you use your own logo/artwork it always cost more. That's when you check your local vinyl dealers and see if they do custom printing. My local shop cut TE's price by more than half. I had a local shop print the front logo which was 3 colors. 80 of those cost me $79. Best thing about going that way.... I didn't have to weed a thing!!
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    If i was doing 70 shirts front & back two colors i'd get a transfer made, and be done with the job in a couple of hours
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    I did a test on my first few shirts a few days ago. I was throwing them into any laundry that the wife was doing. I had them in with jeans, socks, , and just about anything. After 20 something washes they still looked just fine. I have a few that I sold that people are wearing running almost every other day for the past week and wash them every time in the florida heat and they have not complained about them at all when i did a follow up with them after the half marathon they did.