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    Here's a manual https://www.uscutter.com/static/PDFs/TitanSE_UserManual_Oct30_2017.pdf
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    Yes, it is harder, I cut Avery Chrome, I have to up the force to be able to cut it clean on my Graphtec, which has plenty of force.. And yes, it will make the blades dull faster. If it doesn't cut clean, the chrome will tear as you try to weed it. Start with a new blade.
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    blade depth first. you don't want to unnecessarily cut into the cutting strip under the vinyl and backing.
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    LONG hold time, but they hooked me right up! I had to take it apart. The power supply switch was in between 115/220. once I slid it to the right spot it fired no problems. Now, I have to find the right speed settings because this thing is FASTTTT and tearing up my test vinyl....no worries. I knew it would be some trial & error! Gotta get used to setting the blade after I load vinyl. The old Cricut did it automatically from the same point all the time, so that's all new! Thank @haumana!
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    It should fire up immediately. Contact US Cutter while they're still there.
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    Don't know what to tell you then. But if you go thru the old posts back at that time for the Laserpointer,, they were Creation. UScutter does not make vinyl cutters, they only sell them. We had a storm here last night, The first thing that gets unplugged is my vinyl cutter, every time I hear thunder or lightening. TV is next. I don't care if it is on a surge protector. They still get unplugged.
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    Any of the metallic vinyls are going to be harder on the blade meaning you'll just have to replace it more often.
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    A few of the forum members can do it for you also!!
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    That's a good amount of vinyl that you've cut! I'm sure in no time, it will pay for itself, and then you'll you be considering a Graphtec
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    Ok I've been trying to supplement my Illustrator skills, (usually it is Draw and Inkscape.) One thing I am not sure if it is me or my system but zooming and snapping seem crazy in Illustrator. Does anyone else find it irksome? Inkscape has better snapping that I can tell than all of them. Illustrator just seems slippery. Draw needs more snapping options, but zooms pretty well and the dynamic alignment guides are better than Illustrator, and don't exist in Inkscape.
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    Just my two cents...always try to leave a professional impression with your clients. Get yourself some real tools don't use a credit card. People start getting the idea that anyone with a credit card can apply vinyl. Then they ask why they pay so much for installs. On the other hand a few bubbles is normal, wet is good but it is slower than a dry apply.