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    I know a handful of you out there are firearm owners, just wanted to know if any of you do dry-fire practices, or have any of the tech (i.e. - SIRT pistol, MantisX, LASR, LaseLyte, etc.)
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    Did the firmware update to the cutter? or does it appear it’s stuck in the update?
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    I have used one of the LASR/SIRT pistols. Do not own one though. I actually went out and bought a fairly high quality Airsoft pistol that mimics my Glock 17 and use it for some training. It is a gas blow back style and even fits in my paddle holster and everything. Great way to train kids as well. Nothing quite as compelling as showing how easy it is to "accidentally" shoot someone in the leg with a short barreled firearm and actually pop them in the leg. OOPS!
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    Go borrow a PC with windows to do the update Or download a trial of Parallels so you can run Windows on the Mac. There is a 14 day trial available. From Graphtec Published on Jan 30, 2018 In the rare chance that you need to update the firmware of the Graphtec cutting plotter, it is traditionally done through a computer with windows OS.
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    call Graphtec tomorrow and talk to them - they have great support - I am not much help because Mac and me never gets mentioned in the same sentence since the 2 I tried. couldn't convert myself and my current set up with the separate cutter computer works flawlessly for so many years
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    You can try and see if you can run the firmware again. If it won't go, or it starts and gets stuck, get in touch with Graphtec. If it's just not happening, send it back. Don't give up on Graphtec yet. It is a possible that it's just a weird one-off that you got a bad apple in the bunch.