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    nobody with a clue says to use a credit card to measure anything on a plotter - much less blade depth - skeeters directions have helped so many that were mislead down that path
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    Similar to Dakota I usually tell the buyer that I will save them some shipping if they can wait while I build an order or they are welcome to pay the shipping if they need it sooner. Most shipping is in the $12-$15 range for small orders. This is also a good way to get a feel for how urgent their needs are.
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    nutster, Did you try to vectorize it yourself, and if so, what problems were you having and what software did you use. This is a pretty basic design, and a simple 2 color one so an auto trace should do reasonably well, or a manual trace should be rather easy. Haumana gave you a trace already, but this would be a good image to practice your tracing options.
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    Hello, I`m thinking to do it for my self a drafting table. I can not understand the format that I want.What would be universal and convenient to work at home and at work thanks for advance
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    if you price your final product correctly you will still make some money - just not much on a small order - and you will either stock some shirts yourself or you will tall them on a small order they have to wait a few days till you have enough shirts to make an order. most of the time for me I just add some to the small order to restock my black or white shirts I keep in stock
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    I have a Premium Ebay store where I can list 1000 items for $59.99 My Ebay fees are 10% Paypal I think is 3.5% I figure my shipping into my decal prices and post FREE ship. I have over 1500 items listed in my store, and no I do not advertise custom orders. You can only post on your ad what you are selling, nothing more. No outside contact, phone numbers, email, etc. Where else can you post an ad to millions of people for up 25 cents a month? In my case 6 cents a month. I make a living from Ebay And I don't mess with that little stuff. Now I do make a few just to get rid of scrap. But I have a professional vinyl cutter making great quality vinyl graphics. My main business is large decal sets. You guys making all that small stuff are just competing against yourselves and cut throating to make $2 My prices go higher, not lower..