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    Sorry this is as close as I could get when I tried That layout is probably a knock out single color red on reflective background
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    As a Graphtec owner I was going to take offense to that old timer thing. Then I realized I are one!!!!!
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    Here ya go. After messing with it, here is what I cut that was successful. Still have to dial in where to start the media, but very impressed with the cut!
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    I didn't get the chance until now to say hello. I jumped into the biz and use the brains that were on the forum along with a TON of research to start up my vinyl shop. I work a full time job and on my 3 off days work on the vinyl stuff. Right now, in the last few days, I have had 3 orders and more on the way. One order was for a car club and I hope to get the contract for them(400+ members) as they are always running out of decals for members. Anywho, I am glad I found this site as it has a ton of info that I have been reading till my eyes feel like sandpaper.
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    Happy birthday you old kid! Oops, we hijacked another thread.
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    @Dakotagrafx no its not. But that was the closest I could get it. I am returning this one and going to feel the SC2. I will keep all of you posted. What's a good program to use aside from VM? I want to thank all of you for your help. This a great forum with a plethora of info, and you guys have made it a good experience. I plan to keep searching for better programs to hopefully achieve a good result when the new cutter arrives.
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    I am good with calling you both great aunt skeeter and great uncle Mike - - - but I no longer get called "the kid" either
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    That Silhouette is made by Graphtec. Top of the line brand... I own a Graphtec and many of the old timers on here do. . Not some cheap Chinese company.
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    add a little OVERCUT in the cutting software.
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    As you can see the file above (haumana) has tons of gaps. It is cutting exactly what you are sending it.. DXF files are for CNC autocad. Do the files in inkscape and save as .eps Then cut them. Let us know how that turns out. Also the file is probably too large for the memory of the MH cutter, which has very little memory. We always tell new buyers to not buy that cutter. Many known problems. Anything above it is better.
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    I think this is the first "free" decal I have ever received from a company. It was a very pleasant surprise to see a major company tossing in a cut decal. Win!
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    One of my other favorites. mark-s
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    No problem there "young pup" Or would you prefer "junior"?