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    I hadn't printed any sublimation for almost a year (trips etc interfered with some normal orders) - got out the ricoh and thought I hope this works with a few cleaning cycle after sitting that long. plugged it in let it do it's clean and initialize it always does when turned on and it printed a perfect nozzle test - and then perfect prints. THAT is why I love the Ricoh and pay more for the gel ink and sawgrass support. Mic drop
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    I think you are making good informed decisions and you'll do well. We see a lot of people who just jump in without even bothering to research AT ALL and they have all sort of regrets and buyers remorse. For shirts not sure what Florida business and tax laws are like but if you have a resellers license consider Sanmar as a wholesale source. They are probably the biggest overall option with lots and lots of choices and great prices. If no resellers permit you might look at Jiffyshirts. They don't always have to choices but offer pretty fair pricing on basic stuff.
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    Well after talking to an acquaintance, I will be needing to cut a thin HTV reflective for shirts. He wants to see a sample of one and if he likes it he wants to order 50 of them, that would cover the cost of the machine already not to mention I am sure I can talk him into buying other shirts made with foil but not as big of an order. So the TITAN combo that you, haumana, posted is the one I am gonna get for now. Thank you everyone for the information! It helped a ton!
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    Here is the test mug - for some reason the last place mugs are more prized than the winning ones. As usual the graphic provided was from a thumbnail from the web site and had to be recreated
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    Ok, ya. Not a corel file problem. Why DXF? Eps would be a better choice. IMO.
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    One of the 3 shirts I am making for the 3 girls that own the campground in south Dakota I stay at.
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    Some designs I`ve been working on with the CNC machine. mark-s