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    with the above said why would you go with a unbranded vinyl you don't know the manufacturer or how old it is? even quality brands of vinyl are relatively cheap per decal so why skimp and ask for problems?
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    You said the blade holder goes up and down freely when powered off, but does it go up when you power on the machine?
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    I will throw something else in here for you. Do you have a pen tool for this machine? If you do, use that and do your experiments with so that you are not wasting vinyl.
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    Playing around and getting ready for mothers day. Dollar store vase.
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    didn't find the font but found the graphic on brands of the world. maybe download that one and run it thru find my font to get a clearer version to search from
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    Awesome thanks so much. I will try that software to see if that does anything. I went on the to the Seiki forums and seems this is a common problem with their plotter going back 8 years. I have a feeling I will have to replace it but first I will see if I can fix it. I wanted to get into vinyl cutting and found a package on ebay last year that had the plotter and a 5 in 1 heat press, not 8 in 1 like I previously said. It seemed like a good deal at the time. Live and learn. The cricut is great for my small projects like decals, mugs, shirts but I need the plotter for my big projects for sure like the signs, walls decals and vehicle signage I am getting into now. I am so thankful I found this forum. All of you have been fantastic, and i will be sure to ask for advice if I do buy a new one.
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    If you already have software that can cut and need design software, Inkscape is plenty powerful, feature rich and free. Adobe Illustrator is what most of the world uses for Vector Graphic Software. Go to an Ad Agency where the salaries are $200k a year, and there all going to be using Adboe. So if you want to march to the same drummer as most of the world, use Illustrator. It will cost you. Me I like CorelDraw. I find it faster at getting things done. It is cheaper than Adboe, but not much. I still use Inkscape time to time. Affinity Designer is a rising star, hard not to notice as it's only fifty bucks. There are others out there, but I'd stick with one of these mentioned starting out. It could be basic Vinyl master is enough to handle your designs. Others would have to say about that. There is no such things as easy in the beginning, there is only hard. Hard becomes easy after practice.
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    Inkscape is a good free program for design. First step will be to learn what a vector file is and understand how it is different from a raster image.
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    "Easy to use" depends on the user. Everyone will have their favorite programs. No matter what programs you choose for designing & cutting you will have to spend time learning the "Ins & Outs" of how to create and cut your vectors. This learning curve takes time and effort. It doesn't come without it. For myself, I prefer CorelDraw over Illustrator for creating my vectors. SignBlazer is a nice cut program but I fear its life is limited with advancing technology. VM Cut works fine for cutting my Corel files. Just my 2 cents. Sue2
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    What program came with it? The software you need is cutting software and design software. Some programs are both in one, some not.
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    Hi, I bought a new USCutter CS2 for my personal & business use. All thought i'm been making signs for over 35 years, I have always bought the lettering from a sign shop who treated me right. He has since retired. Back in the day 3M Products was the way to go. I take it now a days, there are as many brands of Vinyl manufacturers as there are toilet paper manufactures in the US. I'm all about quality and ease of use. I dont want to skimp on quality and run into cutting, application or longevity problems for being cheap. Could you recommend some decent brands of colored vinyl rolls makers and some good distributors that are easy to buy from. I dont want to over pay either unless it's a must. I would love to hear your opinion in this area. Thank you in advance. By the way Only Charmin 4PLY for me SONOFKONG...
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    Ghost Clan Regular, closest I find mark-s
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    You cutter is slashing. There are so many different things that can attribute to this ... blade sticking out too much, serial vs. usb, wrong driver, memory buffer not happy, etc. If you know you have a good blade depth, then it's time to try something else ... try testing it using a different font, or a different word, some thing smaller, a piece of clipart, or draw some random geometric shapes, etc. try switching from usb to serial (keyspan if necessary) try a completely different usb cable try a short usb cable try a different cutting software try rebooting your computer try a different computer try welding everything You can work on blade pressure later if you don't think it's cutting through the vinyl enough, or too much. *Every once in a while my cutter will do it too, don't know what really causes it, but I will restart my machine, re-import image, or try a different font (to test), etc. Basically if it's something that I absolutely have to cut, then I will work and rework until something works right.
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    Kinda high on shipping pricing unless it stays the same even if you order 10 rolls, it doesn't really tell you what brand it is tho.
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    Thanks. I'm doing different letters. The guy just wants this font.
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    finger prints are on the backing = the part that won't stay on shirt it will be fine
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    Yes you are correct, that is a much easier way to do it. I tried to copy and paste and it didn't work for me the first time I tried, but I just tried it again and it worked...
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    I would imagine it's a proprietary thing.
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    depending what you're looking at to see what the "letters" are on the font, copy and paste works too.
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    In Signblazer, type this: (alt)+0207 while holding down the alt key, type +0207 What you do is open Character Map then click on the desired symbol at the bottom it shows the "keystroke" for that particular symbol
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    Once you get used to the notes being there, you will do it again.