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    So I decided to start trying out going mobile with my hobby. I’m a semi driver and I got a cuter in the truck also. But when I start jobs at home n need to weed n tape. I can also continue my work when I’m stopped. Here’s basically my work space. Lol What I’m workin in is a sign for a business The sign is over 6 ft long
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    Hi i'm Ralph and I bought the sc2 little bit back and i'm still getting the settings right for different materials on it so far so good. Been trying to sign up here for a while now but the recaptia thing kept giving me an error and i couldnt use the contacts here to get help either because it uses the same broken captcha. thanks for getting it working Ralph
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    I have not used it but it looks like it will probably get the job done. It's a starting point I guess. There is great money in caps. I use the high end hotronix auto open one. Lots more money to purchase but I paid for it in one job quite easily. Having the cap hold down definitely helps and probably of bigger use is having different sized lower platens. Most caps are too short in the front to fit well on those full sized lower platens. I use one built for kids hats on almost everything.
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    We're good I just had to remind everyone because in the heat of the moment sometimes people forget. I am not at my workstation to be able to play with the settings and try and help you much. Sorry. VM has some pretty good tutorial videos that show how to work with objects. Post a pick of what this looks like in wire frame mode that will tell a better tale of what's actually going on with the two objects.
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    Welcome @davidb thanks for getting that fixed!
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    Thanks everyone. My buddy got heck a deal from me, i cut his own vinyl it was two 80 inches long by 23 inches wide and only charged him $20 for it. but he did let me have what was left over. Got to cut the tail gate one still when he gets me the size.
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    As a mod I have to tell y'all to be careful with copyright and trademark protected work. If we are going to be doing a show and tell/teach lets use something original please. Posting a JPG of something you are working on does not break a rule but posting actual working vector files will be a violation and I'll have to pull it down.
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    I do recall, before getting into cutting myself, a kiosk at a mall that was charging $1/inch (longs side). That was based on 651 and they were using a 15" roll.
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    My first job in a print shop, the owner gave me his pricing calculator. I've used it ever since. I should note, this is for cut decals from Oracal 631 and 651. Width of the vinyl roll + length of the cut (in inches) divided by 2. That's my base price. on a 24" roll, I keep my designs within 22", so say the design fits into a cut area is 22" x 50". I add 2" to the width and 2" to the length (for the rollers and extra length where it's cut). So that's 24+52=76/2=$38. This is already a decent profit. For me, I've gotten really fast at weeding my own designs, so I'll just round up a few bucks if it's a design that takes more than a few minutes to weed. For custom stuff, I'll round up a little more. Custom designs are charged at my $60 an hour freelance rate. Re-creating artwork in vector for me to cut is charged at $30 an hour rate. Using this pricing calculator on my 24" rolls of 631, every 5 yards of vinyl sold pays for a 50 yard roll. 45 yards of pure profit. Also gives you some wiggle room to offer decent discounts when people make large orders.