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    Yeah, Union and Weld are the same thing, just different terms for different programs. The purpose of welding is so when you have things overlapping it still cuts as you want. For example if you draw two rectangles and have them cross each other to create a cross what you see on screen will look like an X. But if you do a preview you'd see the two rectangles crossing each other so that when it cuts you'd have a square in the middle. So when you weld it and cut it, you'll get the X that you intended.
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    I am glad I didn't do the shirts now that I have seen a picture. I wouldn't want my name no where near them. They look poor. I don't get why they didn't go local with a screen print company for the fronts.
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    You can control that to some extent by making them aware of the difference. In other words if you advertise be sure and say something like "We use high performance vinyl rather than the cheap stuff the other people sell". That is such a smooth sales tagline that I think I should get a cut of your profits just for thinking it up, 5% is plenty.
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    Yeah, I don't weld till ready to cut and often times I'll duplicate the image and weld it so that I have a welded copy and an unwelded copy that way if I need to go back and make changes later it can be done easily.
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    **BUMP** What was the outcome to this, Vicky? You disappeared and didn't return to post the result of your discussion with USCUTTER support.
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    Well.......... He only has 2 posts. The 1st one was back in Sept. where he gave a brief intro and said how much he "love to help people out". 2nd post is 5 months later where he wants something in the middle of the night with a 4 hour turn around time. I'm not surprised if he doesn't come back.