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    being you are already familiar with illustrator and looking for a very solid machine - look at the graphtecs - with the plug in you can cut directly from Illy - if price is no object then look at the graphtec fc-8600 - or a more cost effective might be the ce6000-60 that I have used for the past 3 years.
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    And to add. Use the cheapest vinyl you have or stuff that has been sitting to long to use fare sales to mask. For the rest, dollar store masking tape works fine. 50 to 60 psi and paying attention will get you what you want. Move the gun around. Holding it in one spot will ruin your work. Bubbles are a no no. They blast through fast.
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    Thanks! I might have over-stated my Illustrator skills, if I'm forced to use the Adobe suite, Photoshop is my strength (relative term, I've learnt skills very specific to what I need, i.e. making images pretty for the web), Illustrator is a fairly distant second, but if there's a need, I can probably pick it up. The FC-8600 is probably overkill for my needs, but the CE6000 or SummaCut are probably closer to the right ballpark. I know I need to do more research too, but your suggestions are very helpful.
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    I can remove the Arctic Cat Text and render the Image in Halftones for you to Print a Film Positive to Burn a Screen for 1 color Printing. Here's a low res sample; I also do Color Separations for Screen Printing. Pm me for more info.
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    Just out of curiosity, why along that lower portion? With cars parked in those spots, the message will be hidden. They've got plenty of windows, how about raising the lettering up to the top?
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    Heck if you know you are going to spend over $800 there I would just toss it out as a straight up trade right off the bat and see if they bite. Don't give them the actual quote. They will be happy and so will you.
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    I had problems scrolling once and opened up the mouse and found a fuzzball stuck on the sensor.
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    MIke - Never under estimate my ability to not pay attention If the graphtec can minimize or prevent my stupidity, then I should have gotten this machine a loooong time ago! Hahaha. Corel Draw ... I haven't used that software since it was in version 3 (and now I'm showing my age). I'm hoping to keep on gimping along in Photoshop/Inkscape/Sign Blazer with the graphtec, until I take the time to get to know AI better. Unfortunately, no access to Corel, and I'm hoping not to sink any money into software.
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    I like your blast cabinet. Simple and to the point. For lining the inside of your glass, go to a local flower shop and have them get you a roll of the plastic they wrap flowers in. It's really tough and cheep! For my old cabinet I had a Dust Deputy and shopvac attached to it and it helped a lot. But when I got a bigger shop vac that was pulling more cubic feet of air than the compressor was putting out the change was dramatic. . .virtually no dust ever leaked out of the cabinet and almost none clouding my view. I miss that cabinet, but now you've got me thinking about building another.
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    I completely forgot to show my best work yet................ Mr. Jacob.