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    Plan to soon as i get my refund and get to buy everything. i did order some Vinyl its on the way. i want to build a stand to hold it. so gives something else to do till i get my cutter. i do keep designing stuff everyday will have plenty to cut when i do get it.
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    Time to jump in and get some experience...make your family some fun t-shirts! Sue2
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    Seen a lady do that in a video yesterday. Been watching a ton of youtube videos
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    I think i figured it out, i was reading a bunch of threads about this issue and finally came across one that explained that the point of the ground strap was to remove the static from the vinyl via the rollers, and suggested checking continuity from the ground strap to the rollers... surprise surprise, i had none... so i rigged up a ground strap for the roller, i just loosely tied the wire around the roller and then braided the wire... since its loose it doesn't inhibit the roller movement, but it does create the grounding needed, i re-cut the same design again and it worked fine. thanks for everybody who contributes on these boards, couldn't have fixed it without the suggestions here.
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    Well, we tried, but this looks like it's above our pay grade!
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    Hi Vicky --- The first thing I can suggest is double-check the carriage head is actually seated on the track, sometimes during shipping it will bump off and the rollers aren't in place on the rail correctly. Beyond that, can you do a quick video of what's happening?
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    Sometimes we come up with DIY ideas and share but they get lost in the past post - lets see some of your stuff This is an application tool I made for doing yard signs - Someone posted one made with just pvc that worked great but I had some old newman roller frames laying around and took it to the next step - when I have a bunch of yard signs to do I just put some new clear tape on it and rock and roll similar item can be made with pvc and something that holds it just above the coro trick is you want the vinyl to hover just above the coro until you apply pressure with your squeegee when you get it aligned
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    You have to read the license agreement to be sure. It's sad, but even if you buy something, you may still not be able to legally use it.
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    I completely forgot to show my best work yet................ Mr. Jacob.
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    Dang , I leave for supper and miss all the good stuff. lol. this is the 2nd , 3rd or 4th time ive seen "hiding something" or whatever being brought up. I'm not sure whats up with that. other forums I'm on, like my rock crawling forum they always say there is more activity and more arguments/ disagreements this time of yr caused by Cabin Fever. Ive talked to @Primal Decals by pm off and on since july of 16 , so far nothing worth hiding. no solicitation for anything, not even sexual favors. but he has wasted a lot of his time helping a clueless newbie. even has stopped whatever he was doing to help me in a crunch. just the other night he gets on my comp thru team viewer to fix an issue with it, after fixing he tells about the migraine hes had all day. I prob wouldn't even answered, no way get on and do anything. and the reason he told me back in july when we 1st spoke thru pm he helps people like me out is, when he started fresh like me with no knowledge, no one helped him. from my understanding he learned most on his own. I see him still ask questions on here. and on a rare occasions ive actually been able to give him a pointer or 2 I'm not taking up for him nor calling anyone out. I'm just saying ive seen something similar a couple times now because he offers to help people out. and 1 of these def seemed like there was some kind of hidden agenda the person posting was trying to say, but nothing ever was. I just hope this clears the air. I'm only on here to keep learning more of what im doing. peace out , and I hope I didn't stir any feathers/bees nest or whatever.
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    Absolutely this is not a minor issue if what I think has happened has indeed happened !! I sure hope I'm wrong. (This is actually the first thread from an SC2 user IIRC)
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    things have happened before - Vicky please check back in with us when they figure it out so we know how to advise others
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    Probably will end up being too low. I'm sticking with my bet. And if I'm right, it would be crazy (but not impossible, knowing China) that USCUTTER has to check through an entire shipment of SC2 cutters to make sure the wrong holders were not included!
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    Show us what that arm looks like opened (inside).
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    We are here to help. To answer your question is not just helping you, but many others. New and old members. We all change cutters and pass the information along to others. Then we buy a graphtec and won't shut up. LOL
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    Currently, the Titan 28" is on sale and the Titan comes with a media basket included for the $495 price. An SC2 costs $420. + $30 to add a media basket onto the SC2 stand, so the difference is truly only $45. more for a comparably-outfitted Titan cutter w/ the cloth basket. Very interesting number crunching, and honestly, if I were in the market for a 28" size unit, it would be a true coin-flip. HOWEVER>>>> if you want a new upgraded mid-range-quality stepper 34" machine, then you have to go with the SC2, because there isn't a Titan in that size. (There is always MH, of course, at the low-end).
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    Well, I see it as its less clutter on the site if people sent PM to the people who knew what they are doing.. But then I get others who say well someone else might have the same question but im sure its very few who will read another persons thread just to see if the answer is in there.. myself I do. I have looked around and read a lot on here to see if i can get any tips
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    @eprcvinyls sorry if i dont respond back anymore.. I guess some people dont like how i am for being helpful thru a messenger that is created on this forum to use.. ...
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    And you always will.... Im a one on one helper most of the time .... You have no idea how many people actually send me pm's without posting about it asking me questions on my cutter,scalps etc... I guess i should start complaining about it ,,,, Ive already had a talk with dakotagrfx about one thing i did awhile ago and it was taken care of.. And i have done it since.. I dont try to sell anything . I offer my advice ,explain how i do things, Its not my fault if i get a pm , And its not against the rules to offer like i do... Ive said it once before , I will always offer help thru a pm, if i see somene struggling on something.... I guess i wuill just stop answering my messages from those qho contact me....
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    thinking about the changes over the years - most of the others sellers have had their forums fail - we hear many stories on our forum of people looking for help that purchases elsewhere and normally the people from our "user forum" do our best to help them and get them going at all times of the day and night. - how many other places still offer anything close for after hours support? Basically Hats off to all of our members that stick around and offer all this help - YOU make this forum what it is. Now back to my bronchitis and watching in amazement at this great group that has assembled - In my best hee haw imitation "Salute" Y'all are an amazing group
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    Ha I did a set of magnets for a guy a while back and the client went to stick them on and the doors were aluminum.
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    Myself, I use my fingers. 4 fingers down on the front (from the bottom of the collar), equal side to side from the sleeve. Eyeball it for alignment. I have a 16 X 20 so that may be a bit easier. never had a problem or complaint.
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    Very nice work. I do the same but with a DIY CNC router using a spring loaded diamond drag. There is a ton of files over on the cnczone forums. Also join the facebook cnc and svg groups, lots of stuff. Also Colorcore plastic is awesome to work with, not sure if its laser-able. Picture is kinda crappy.