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    Well it has been over just over two years now since me and my wife opened up our shop. We are still doing good and it sustains itself and then some. We have met a lot of great customers and have gained a lot of loyal customers. The bulk of our business is tshirts. We do have good days and bad days but that is the nature of the beast.. I have missed being on here and trying to help out but working 40 hours and then coming home and pressing shirts keeps me busy. Hope everyone is doing well with their vinyl business..
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    Also, if you want to know what's in a document use the Object Manager:
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    My opinion, graphtec. CE5000 and have not had a need to upgrade in a lot of years. Still don't.
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    I would be curious if he still has this problem with SignBlazer. Please troubleshoot using SBE. http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_setup.exe
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    y'all are awesome, just needed a bit of reassurance I guess lol. I'm balder after this project. Thanks Dakota I had read that sometime ago and that's how I originally started, I'm gonna go back to square one!
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    Just as some vector trivia for everyone: Maximum Page Size Illustrator 5.7785 × 5.7785 m CorelDraw 45.72 × 45.72 m Inkscape 1000 × 1000 km Gravit claims to be infinite Xara 2.75 × 2.75 m
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    Good to hear. been wondering where you was.
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    I've owned several of both and have a graphtec cutter - printer is a roland but for cutting vinyl the graphtec runs circles around every other cutter I have had including the rolands. where the roland excels is if you buy a latex printer it will find contour marks better than any other cutter. for cutting I will always have a graphtec - even purchased a new ce6000-60 last year to replace the same model as I update every 3 years normally
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    Here is couple pictures of some work. The stripe is on my wifes challenger and the shirt was a for a retired navy buddy
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    Dakotagrafx hers is only a V6 cause she does not need a 8 yet. But we will be upgrading to the V8.
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    very nice - and proper choice for wifes car
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    In addition, send a ticket to http://future.support and ask about a particular topic and they can point you in the right direction.
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    That looks like way too much blade. For normal vinyl anyway, you can only just barely see the blade. I also agree with haumana, that cut doesn't look like the blade is rotating. I suppose it could possible that is caused by too much blade exposure and too much pressure. Look for Mz. Skeeter's posts on how to set correct blade height and start from there.
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    https://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=Dire Wolf Condensed&text=ABCDEFGH https://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=Carnival Corpse&text=ABCDEFGH
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    did you search thru dafont for something you like? https://www.dafont.com/infringement.font
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    If you did a search I've put the PS4 controller on here. I'm attaching it and the PS4 though as I have made this one a template. The last light bar I put up was my personal one. Hope it helps. PS4 Light Bar Updated.eps PS4 Template.eps
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    USCutter is apparently getting ready to introduce an upgraded LaserPoint 3 ---- the ordering webpage is being created, although nothing shows up there yet. (no photos, no details). Anyway, it's on the way, probably soon.