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    I don't think goo gone works well on paper.
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    I have a Cricut cutting matt and experienced similar concerns as you about too sticky. I basically dirtied mine up until it wasn't so bad. A little lint and dust did the trick.
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    facebook. Now that they have setup a paying option in messages etc. Make an album with everything as needed, Post prices etc and then share and promote it ,Very worth the little money to do.. I have used the paying feature many times with people on there for other things.
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    My 5 year old daughter has "sport jersey day" next week at school. Didn't want her looking like everyone else, so I thought it would be good to make this for her. I know, she will wear it once and into the rag bin it goes. You need to watch the simpsons to know the team.
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    How complex is the logo, it maybe easier and faster to recreate it, or manually trace it. Manually tracing is a good skill to have regardless. If the image isn't protected and you don't mine posting it, post it up and we can offer suggestions on how to get a good vector version to use for cutting.
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    There is no magic button, even in VM Pro. Garage in = garage out. It's up to you to clean up the trace to your satisfaction. Pretty much everything experienced person here will tell you that you'll have to clean up any trace alittle bit. Since your logo picture isn't very clean it'll require alittle more work. There are people and companies that'll do it for you for a reasonable price. Probably around $20-40. It depends on the logo. I've done it a few times and I've always passed the cost onto the my customer for not having a logo in vector format. Most of the time I'll give them the vector file also and explain to them how and when they'll need to use it.
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    vinylmaster pro has node edit tools so you can manually clean up images