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    speaking of the router, i had a guy in that does that in Gatlinburg. now hes started with a lazer doing acrylics and such. so yep, that thought is in the back of my mind. on the other, i try to learn from others mistakes. that's y i ask so many questions 1st now. like i ve posted in a couple post when new peeps are asking which cutter. I really believe if i had been on here 1st I would've started with a servo cutter. so i really appreciate all u guys on here help.
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    given your area have you considered a large 3d router set up? marc-s was showing work from his and it was cool - and the plus side is they aren't around every corner competing with you here is one from Sawatzky's imagination corporation to see the extreme of what they can do - I have considered it as around here lake houses would be a good market
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    Are you absolutely certain the 38400 is the correct baud rate? I have not had my P-Cut for several years but that seems off.
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    SignBlazer You may or may not need to disable your virus software before downloading, file is completely SAFE to download. http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_setup.exe
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    Thanks for the help guys. I got the Tripp lite serial adapter and replaced the cutting strip. looked a bit worn. Seems to be doing fine now
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    solvent or latex printed wrap material like used on cars and laminated because of the handling. most laptops have curves on the edges and a cast wrap material lets it contour to those. printer $8500+ Laminator $1000 + expensive wrap material and laminate to make $30 decal . . . . in a very saturated market
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    Mine is more than dumb -- it's totally bat-sh!t crazy. It cannot remember the selected force and pressure settings when I turn it off and on again. Have to reset those each time. Oh well, I'll live with that, it's a minor thing in the grand design of the universe.