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    I charge based on a learned estimate of what I think it will take. In other words I estimate based on an hourly rate and give the client a hard price. He doesn't usually know what I want to make per hour just the final price and if it goes good I make more per hour. Most basic installs I figure a couple hours. Those job boxes will be time consuming possibly. Also be careful what you get yourself into because all the John Deere stuff is copyright protected without a release from an authorized dealer. If they ARE an authorized dealer make sure you get something in writing saying they are authorized to commission your work on the cut vinyl so you don't some day get your rear in a ringer.
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    your cutter is the heart of the operation so it is the last place to skimp on when starting out - I also recommend the vinylmaster option unless you use a mac
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    That model must be set to Direct COM in the Vinyl Spooler and may also need the emulation changed. Please see this guide for: How to Setup a Chinese Vinyl Cutter Please see this guide for: How to Setup Emulation (Plotter Language)
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    So , on another forum im part of , the question came up " what psi are each of the numbers on the dial"? Nobody could figure out what the conversion was till i contacted a Tech at Stahls. So for every dial number 1-9 on hotronix press is 10 psi. 1 = 10 psi 2= 20 psi 3=30 and so on.... The reason this came up was someone had bought some material and the specs for pressing was in psi. And on hotronix they use #s 1-9. Hope this helps anyone that ever got curious or didnt know.
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    I concur with the previous posts. In a nut shell once you get set up and cutting you can record your own numbers for various vinyl. Most likely there will be a light setting for cast vinyl like 751 and 951 and a higher pressure setting for Calendared products that tend to be thicker and stiffer. and those will do 90% of everything you cut. I recommend NOT trying to cut too fast. Don't won a Titan but if your speed setting goes from 50 to 800 then cut around 200 to start out. (1/3 to 1/4 of your max speed) Be careful when fine tuning your pressure that #1 you have set your place depth properly first as mentioned at least twice above. #2 that you start lower then you need to and work into it the first time so you don't cut clear through your backing and into your cutting strip which can break a tip. Expect to fine tune this pressure setting with material changes and room temperature and humidity changes. Vinyl is a finicky thing sometimes and one roll to the next can change even in the same product.