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    I'm within a two day shipping area from the Seattle warehouse. I like to buy a couple rolls at a time at a minimum and that helps the 9.99 split between several yards at a time. I always order a little extra on each job and accumulate as I go so I didn't have as much inventory expense right off the bat. I use more white than anything else and quite a bit of black.
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    that's where I order mine. I usually put together a decent size order that I def win on the 9.99 shipping. I have a dist. about 2 hrs away that delivers to me next day for free. but unless its a big sale I can still beat their prices at U S
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    If you really like Thermoflex, you might want to check out Poli-Flex. http://shop.uscutter.com/search?w=poliflex Especially right now, we have some pretty decent pricing for them. I just started playing with it myself and I like it - a lot in fact.
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    The font/text itself needs to be altered to create that distortion effect. The bottom text is NOT a font actually -- it's custom-made by hand (you can tell because the 'h' and 'r' are different in each word) If you are interested in something similar, look up Distressed Fonts and grab one that you like. (distressed type like that cuts and weeds like hell)
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    Font 1..... Captain Howdy mark-s
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    I think the big squeegee cost a lot less . . .IMHO
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    with the 9.99 per order shipping it is pretty hard to beat the price uscutter offers -
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    yep, these guys steered me to siser easy weed and easy weed stretch. I feel its the easiest to use and forgiving material I have used. but the only other htv Ive used was an unknown brand I got with a used bulk vinyl purchase. I have 1 of the cheaper Chinese heat presses, so the heat of the platen fluctuates , the pressure settings is just a good guess, and knock on wood Ive had no issues so far. could be newbie luck, but I don't have good luck . so I figure that shows how forgiven siser products are.
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    Same. Have some thermo and there's nothing wrong with it but much prefer Siser easy weed and easy weed stretch. USCutter sells by the foot on most all Siser products.
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    90 percent siser used here - some thermoflex but siser is preferred in my shop