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    to forum member @pshawny! I needed an assist with a graphic yesterday and Shawn stepped up and helped get me moving in the right direction - big time. Shawn, I owe you one buddy! Cal
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    Welcome aboard, LollyC, and happy new year to you. The above instructions will get you cutting in short order. I want to suggest to you that if your cutter has a pen tool, that you start using it as you begin working with your machine. It is quite often that I read from new users that they are frustrated and have wasted "tons" or "yards" of vinyl trying to get a design from screen to cut vinyl. I always run new designs through the plotter first before committing to vinyl. Cal
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    Been keeping an eye out for a hat press on CL , fri night was talking with @Primal Decals about it and looked on there . a guy less than 5 miles from me posted 1 he made 2 hats with. $80 and its at the shop. hopefully it wont take long for it to pay for the new 1 I have been eye balling.
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    Wish everyone a n AWESOME NEW YEAR !!!
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    What happens when you cut something BIG??
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    Happy, Healthy, and Safe!!!
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    3 post and each one is a hit n run - not sure we will be able to offer advice