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    Hello there fellow forum-ites! I have enjoyed being a member of this forum now for several years. Most of you have known me as the lead designer and production artist for a sign company. However that has just changed! My wife and I are proud to announce that we have a started our own company, Spunky Graphics, LLC. We still do vinyl work, including vehicle wrap design & installation, however as we are starting out small we are focusing our product offerings to paper products (business cards, labels, brochures, etc...) promotional products thru a local distributor rather than a national conglomerate like Kaeser & Blair, Graphic Design, Screen printing & Embroidery thru a partner as well as Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Training, & Online Profile Optimization coming soon! Our expanded vision for our company is to be a business concierge. We want to help new and existing business navigate the advertising world. We see so many business throwing away money at useless advertising and promotion that only benefit the sales person. And then of course on the flip side, businesses that don't advertise at all and need to learn how to promote badly. We want to show businesses how to track their advertising so they know whether or not its working and how to adjust. I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and I hope to be more active in the coming future. The knowledge base and experience of many members here is second to none. So I really look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience and of course I hope to continue to do business with all of you!
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    My resolutions are to sell more, and sail more.
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    Now this is a story all about how...I got started... I am an entomologist, and studied beetles for sometime..but the pay just was not there, so I moved on to working as a Technology Manager for a Construction and Forestry John Deere dealer. I still messed around with beetles and was asked if I would be interested in doing a European Style deer mount. I did and then it happened... the requests started piling up.. " can you hydrodip the next one for me" so I got the stuff to hydrodip the next skull... then he wanted a YETI cup hydrodipped... so I bought all the stuff to start hydrodipping tumblers and other objects like car parts and such... Then someone who was getting some car parts hydrodipped ask if I could powdercoat something... so i bought the stuff to powdercoat then i offered to the people getting their tumblers done to powdercoat them and started it.. I started with a cricut explore air as my vinyl cutter..started getting asked to do some car decals and wall art.. cutting with the cricut took too long so i purchased a MH871-MK2 and have used it since... looking to Start a second company just for the vinyl side of what my other business does So January 1, 2018 ExposeURDesigns will start keeping its own books in order... I really look forward to learning from this forum, forums is how I learned all the other little trades. I have am a believer in peoples experience is better than most written instructions.. Enjoy the New Year Cheers
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    Wow! You might look into A. upping your cut speed B. reducing the number of nodes in your designs and C. make sure you are not cutting any part of the design a second (or third) time. As an example, a circle or oval shape can be cut with 4 nodes. Any more than that creates extra "work" for the cutter. And welcome aboard, glad to have you here, Oh, one last thing, Ms Skeeter is a lady and a real helpful one at that! Cal
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    I was looking at Vinyl Master Pro demo and after clicking SPOOL ALL>Preview,, on the right side bottom you can check REDUCE TRAVEL.. That may or may not help you, because doing that also uses up a lot more memory,And those MH cutters are very limited on memory. your welcome
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    Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Future Corp. Be good to each other
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    Well can't quit coffee or mt dew but maybe can try to be a better person than the year before - always trying to be understanding and try to relate to what others are feeling or thinking. Not saying there might not be a regression now and then but putting effort into being a better person is always a step in the right direction
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    Or buy the whole alphabet from esty for $2 and save a butt load of time.
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    With Family I figure there is always a chance I'm going to be doing it for free. Ha ha! I have a select group of clients and if I know them and have history I float it and get it all upon delivery. I would not recommend this to be the best approach but I live in Idaho and things are a lot more old school out here. As in we still often do business on a handshake.... and we shoot people, so there's that.
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    I always use a final wipe of rubbing alcohol. It is also possible someone has coated the glass with rainX which can really screw you. On top of that if it were me I would use 751 on glass work. You would not believe how much glass will expand and contract with heat changes and the cast vinyl will hold up longer.
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    Friends don't let Friends put glitter on a car. LOL
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    Cut the dull side. The shinny side is the carrier.
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    i require a non refundable deposit at-least half ( and i let them know that ) so that would cover at-least the material cost and some time,that way if they bail out you got something for it ,or just ask for full payment upfront if they are fully happy with the final design sample. Most of mine pay full up front anyway.