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    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year...
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    I got a new truck at work and I have resolved to keep it cleaner than previous trucks. Even to the point of signing up for the all you want carwash monthly pass. I'm not a clean freak and sometimes it shows.
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    Merry Christmas vinyl master dude
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    http://www.uscutter.com/HP-Latex-Print-and-Cut-Combo-Graphtec-FC8600-130-Cutter-110-Latex-Printer Roland makes a great cutter and probably the best for getting parts down the road of any brand - with that said the BN20 is slow and more costly to operate than the bigger rolands - also with a solvent keep it printing a lot or you will be replacing heads at about $1800 each last time I looked when someone was looking for heads for one. I would go at least to the 30" and make sure you have enough business to print every couple of days. the latex is much more forgiving when you don't print a lot but the downside is parts are not going to be available too far in the future - think months instead of years with a roland