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    Most big or long projects are one in segments. I think the limit of AI is a little over 20ft for workplace unless they have revamped that in the CC edition. Generally you would be scaling up a smaller project to cut something that long. I don't know SCALP enough to know if you can even do that. The bottom line is (as mentioned by clhyer) your SC cutter is not really capable of those size of things although people push the envelope all the time. If you have projects that large you should be looking into a cutter that can handle it and I suggest looking for a cutting utility that is professional grade as well. If you have and are savvy with AI for design you can use SignCut Pro 1 that they sell here at USCutter for like $270 lifetime dongle. It is mac compatible and also pc compatible. It's just a cutting utility with almost no design ability but it has a step-by-step option that can help out budget cutters in SOME cases. I like the program so much I chose it over all the other options when I bought my Summa cutter.
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    Dolomite41 I can give you help over the phone if you wish, Send me a Pm And ill give you my number.. Im pretty positive i can get you going with just one call and in about 15 min.
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    I don't even know that I'm going to do this week. There's no way I can plan a vacation that for in advance.
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    ok, searched youtube and came up with just selecting everything in SCAL and selecting the "wrapper" function under the "effects" tab. enter your diameter at the top of where your text will be, then the dia at the bottom, then the height of the taper....then all kinds of mystical stuff happens and it makes it curved at the right taper.