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    I started using Signblazer when I purchased my MH-365 cutter and am still using it with my Graphtecs. Many of us on the forum still use it. The more that you use it, the more you will find it will do.
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    I bought a new in the box Graphtec for 1195.00 shipping included and it came today can't wait to see if its all that everyone says it is
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    Correct, If you have a legal user ID # and can send an email, you have Flexi support. worldwide.
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    sai has support worldwide on legal software - we have been hearing this more and more as many anti virus now looks for hacked code so the pirated software quits working
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    I worked with the calibration and reset the overcut. I believe that this is more of an issue with the image than the cutter. None of my other images have this problem.