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    Ah i knew i was goofing up somewhere on my math . Thanks
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    I wrapped these up today. I have had some ideas, and finally put them into reality. I am really liking the back cut ( similar to Perf cut) function- decals just pop out the back.
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    I ended up doing the text in Illustrator and using the plugin to send it to SCAL. Much cleaner text. It's a workaround, but it does the job. Thanks!
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    I've had my SC cutter running for a little over 12 hours one day on a last minute 500 piece decal order for a ducks unlimited banquet. My cutter will change "tone" and sounds louder at times, But it has never messed with the way it cuts or runs, My SC is a little over 5 years old and still gets used weekly and cut good for what it is. I did save up a little from each job and bought a Titan 2. The servo cutter is night and day better than a stepper motor cutter. Granted, the titan 2 is no graphtec or roland, but it is a Cadillac to me, upgrading from my Sc.
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    Hi Guys, So I use a Gerber Edge printer. The principle is thermal transfer- the ribbons are laser heated or transfered to the vinyl, then the shapes are contour cut with a plotter. They were more popular several years ago for sign shops, until the rise of solvent inkjets ( Roland, Mimaki, etc). Pros: basically no maintenance, can sit for months, and in most cases no lamination needed. Cons: width is smaller, photo quality graphics can't be achieved, and cost of resin ribbons higher than inks- (in most cases- I buy my color ribbons used). They are workhorses, and will provide 95% of whats required for basic decals. In the last three years I have owned about ten including the smaller plotters (GSx, GS15 and Envision): buying, selling, repairing, etc. They do require a RIP software ( Flexi or Gerber preferred). Send me a PM if you have more questions.
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    o yea, would like more info on everything used for that job... inquiring minds wanna know...lol
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    Right around 31K miles - never seen rain much less snow
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    lots of info to be found in this linked area of the forum Welcome from Michigan http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/forum/39-instructional-contributions/