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    i was hoping to hear from someone that had used or seen both in action. I'm looking at a CG-60sl . I will look and see if this model does that. which model does he have? I have noticed software is almost like the ford / chevy opinion. I have both. vinyl master that came with my cutter and scalps 4. I started with VM so somethings seem easier in it, then it seems on some stuff I get a lot better cut using scalps. so I use scalps more. @Primal Decals is the 1 that started teaching me on scalps. he designs most of his stuff in illustrator, then cuts in scalps. he also has a titan 2 and is pleased with the machine. I noticed the saga was the same machine. I'm looking to upgrade to a servo cutter, mine is cutting so no real rush. I'm not going to jump in as I did with my 1st cutter without doing my homework and talking to people that have used the cutters I'm interested in. don't get me wrong, my SC has served its purpose. and its not a terrible cutter. noisy ! but it does the job. It was mainly purchased so a newbie could do his business sign. and to let the cutter pay for its self. to this day I still haven't tried to cut a design in 2 pieces , and really haven't cut anything bigger than 36" since my sign wildgoose, that's what I figured. can almost buy 2 titan 2s for the cost of a roland.
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    I never charge for estimates, even with a site visit. Just the cost of doing business. I DO limit the amount of graphic effort that I go to with mock-ups and such until the deal is sealed which keeps the actual cost to me really low. Unless the job is tiny $225 is not enough money and you probably scared them into thinking you are a fly-by-night company or that you don't know what you are doing. Know/learn your prices so you can be plenty competitive. The lamination is for printed graphics. Cut vinyl doesn't need it and your vinyl if you use what you should on a vehicle (at least 751 Oracal) would be good for min of 7 years according to the manufacturer. That is all based on theoretical exposure and vertical placement etc... In the end I have yet to have a vinyl fail from a manufacturer problem. If it is going to fail it will likely be from an installation problem which you are going to be on your own with anyway so just tell them you'll match the 10 year if you're worried about missing out. You could also get a loophole around the laminate issue if they are dead set on extra UV protection and hit it with a shot of Frog Juice but it's not necessary IMO. Just think if you had been $1100 and told them you would do a UV overspray for no extra charge. Know your competition and it can make you a lot higher percentages.
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    Thanks Guys, got it all sorted now, been on the live chat with signcut guys and they showed me how to save the file in inkscape, its all perfect now
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    Inkscape.org is very easy to use, There are tons of tutorials,online as well as well as youtube.com videos on the subject..of vectoring in Inkscape. As with any vector program, it takes learning the program. Millions use inkscape, because it a great FREE vector program. Any vector program will require you to clean the design up after vectoring it. That's just part of the process. There are also other paid programs like Vector Magic. The Vinyl Master Cut4 purchased from UScutter does do tracing/vector conversion. Please read the description And it works with a Liyu SC vinyl cutter http://www.uscutter.com/VinylMasterCut-Software-Value This software will work with the following cutters: * USCutter Series MH, SC, Laserpoint II USCutter Series Table Titan, Titan, Titan 2 & Titan 3 requires the Titan Edition software available here. Graphtec CE Series, FC Series Mimaki CG Series Roland GX Series Summa D, FX ,T
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    Way back when I played with air brushing fabrics, I used Createx paints. Comes in just about any color you'd want. According to directions, for permanence you press at 350 degrees for 15 seconds. I've also heated the stuff on ceramics in a toaster over for longer than that with no problems. Maybe that would work?
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    I have a Saga cutter that is the same as a Titan 3. Titan's are actually just re-branded Saga cutters. I also have a veteran sign-making friend who has a Mimaki. That said, Mimaki is a top of the line, very solid brand. My "Titan" hasn't given me any problems thus far, after 3 years of heavy use. My firend's Mimaki has tangential cutting, which is a big deal. It actually picks the blade up and rotates it to give very clean corners. Not sure which model of Mimaki you are looking at, but I would find out if this particular cutter has that feature. Very small details are no problem for the Mimaki. The Saga/Titan has worked well for me, and I really haven't had any problems other than dull blades, and having to reset the offset once or twice. My main concern would be what software works with each cutter, and if you are comfortable with it. I had an older cutter with SCALP, and it was frustrating. When I got this newer cutter, it came with a re-branded version of VinylMaster Pro. I love it. I can do 90% of all my designing and tweaking in it, without opening up Adobe softwares. I'm sure you will be ecstatic with any servo cutter after using that SC. Whichever you choose, you will just have to adjust to it, and get a feel for it. Just get a new, good blade (Clean Cut), and start learning all the features and quirks.
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    With inkscape, once you trace the image and delete the raster image that is all that you need to do, there is no need to convert the vector image to paths as it is already a path. If you want to see what the cutter will cut you can view it in wireframe and that will show you the paths that the knife will follow. I've not used Sign Cut, but skarekrow says it prefers SVG, which is what Inkscape works with natively so no need to save your file off as eps, just save it as an svg. It can also be helpful to open your raster image in something like photoshop and clean it up there prior to tracing it. The closer you can get the raster image to a simple black and white image of high resolution, the better your auto-trace will be.
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    Looks Good. A little pointer i learned for when its hard to see weeding lines is i took a single T8 shop light ( mines a LED Style tho) with a A/C cord coming out of it so it plugs in the wall and place it up above my table and i am able to adjust the height and rotate it ,and what it does is makes the weeding lines appear easier to see. I
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    I havent cut any reflective yet, but i have cut some thick camo stuff and wrap material using my titan 2 28",I just love that cutter, Like they stated earlier, cutting reflective will run thru a blade faster for sure.Im still on my 1 st blade i started with 2 years ago and still cuts awesome..And the Titan2 is a very very quiet and accurate . Also check out other options for cutting software as well if your curious ask me about what i use in a Pm please to avoid a long message . Its just my own opinion lol.. Here is my website to see some of the stuff ive done pippindecals.com.