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    You're awesome @skarekrow Your vector work came out amazing. Thanks again. https://ledlightbases.com/
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    Just let me know. I'd be happy to help.
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    Came out Real Nice... Beautiful Work! ... and Thanks again.
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    No, you'll be fine, I've left weeded stuff without app tape for several days before covering, it hasn't caused any transfer issues later.
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    I know make my own base and it's available at https://ledlightbases.com/
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    I scheduled my first ever USPS pickup tonight. In the past it's always been small enough to put in the mailbox or I had time to drop it off at the post office. But tonight was a good night and I've got several packages going out for customer's father's day presents. It's a nice feeling having that much going out at once. I could get use to this. My wallet likes it also.
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    When was the last time you changed the blade and offset? Blades wear down and need offset changed. That metal type vinyl will really dull blades fast. Also make sure you haven't broken the blade tip off.