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    Go-c I would like to get back to etching glass and stone But with taking care of my 95 yr. old mother in law it maybe a little while. I would like another chance to do it a little bit better I have so much glass that I need to use or through away
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    QUOTE> What i'm looking for is a way where I can cut the box without cutting the star shape out. Vm's Vector Module Defaults to an 'Inlaid' Layering Scheme and Traces the Path of the Star into the Box. There is a Check Box labled "Solid Contours Only" (red circle). Tick this and it will produce a 'Stacked' vector with your Red Box solid, beneath the Yellow star. Then you can just 'Cut by Color' to produce the bottom layer without the Star 'cutout'.
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    Dakota yes hide glue can be a challenge the first time. I used powered glue and it was too strong. It is also not easy to prepare, with needing to soak the glue and get the right temp on the glue. The humidity has to be low when you do it
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    Remembering my good friend Bill Grey, (Mr300s) who passed away 06/06/2016...We sure miss you Bill. I think about you quite often, never to be forgotten. I bet your finding a lot of gold with your metal detectors, And I bet the fishing is great R.I.P. Bill
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    Not sure if any of you guys have ever followed Spoon Graphics. Chris Spooner has a blog or a webpage that I get regular emails from. Gives a lot of outstanding tutorials on both PS and AI. Really talented fellow and you will see his work all over the place once you start following him. Anyway I just got a notification that graphicstock is running a 7 day 20 items a day free download as a free trial of their site. Not 100% sure if this is for all comers or just something offered through Spoon Graphics emailing but someone might go check. I already signed up and can't tell if it's available for the general public. Great opportunity to grab some vector stocks for anyone who does this on a regular basis.
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    Should have some cut by color options to choose which color you want. When you vector it maybe it is leaving a hole in the box? If so hide or lock the top object and then delete the other from being part of the box.
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    That is beautiful rlvied.
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    Always wanted to try the glue chip word of caution though from an old guy at the cemetery i used to take prisoners to - one year he tried several different methods of fixing monuments that had been kicked over by vandals and broke - he said that same glue you use in glue chipping held up the best of all including beating epoxy - - - but he cooked it in the main building and drove everyone out for the day and the stench lingered for a couple of weeks even with all the air fresheners, cleanings etc - so cook it outside when you do it. I would have thought the hilti epoxy would have been the best but a couple of years later and even 10 years after the fact the animal based glue was holding strong
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    It's taken alot of time and I finally have a system now. I've created and opened my 1st ever website store. https://ledlightbases.com/ Still a work in progress but check it out. I'm super excited.