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    My personal favorite is vectorstock.com $1 per design. They have always been good quality. I just pay as I need them.
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    I never had a lp2 - had a pcut that was related closely to the lp1 but that was a different manufacturer so I don't have first hand knowledge of where the lp gets the info from - MOST cutters though store it in the cutter and not the program - also you lost me at SCALP - not a fan here
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    Enter some thing on your screen to bring up your CUT/PLOT screen, Now go up to upper left corner under cutter brand and click PROPERTIES, then click the blade picture at top of screen. I use Flexistarter 8.6 so mine is the last of the 3 tabs...You should then see RESOLUTION.. You can adjust these steps to get an accurate cut. Also for your other problem Try adding overcut.
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    If you're going to re-purpose a closet like that, I'd run 2x6 across the back and sides and use a good piece of ply wood for the top. This way it will be "floating" and you could have space below and above for storage. Perhaps even box in the center of the new table and get a piece of lexan to build a light box in side it as well.
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    I second this. They may not have all the options that other sites might have, but they do have a good selection.
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    I don't have pictures at the moment, but i have a similar size workspace. One thing that I did, I got the flat clipboard clips and put them in a few spots on the edge of the workspace where I tape, it helps me keep some vinyl flat when it starts to roll when taping it. However, the rest of my workspace is unorganized. I need a bigger area.
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    That's the feeling I had. That's have no problem paying for something good. I have reached out before and had great success. I am not the most creative person and having a source of ready to go designs like that interest me. I don't have any current projects that need this source. It's more of me trying to be a bit pro active when I have some cash that's availabile.
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    It will show up at night where most regular opaque vinyl will block out the light. Look ok during the day but the truth comes out after dark.
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    In InkScape, Ungroup (top red circle) the items, (twice, in this case) and you can select and separate the "T" into 2 parts. If they were not lined up perfectly, you can often see the double paths under close inspection.
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    You know, on some days we all can find a good deal. I am always searching for printing / and plotter equipment, and yesterday was a good day for me. The story on this plotter - was purchased by a sandblasting company years ago. They tested and tested, and it didn't cut the rubber to their satisfaction. So it sat, and sat for years. They put it up for sale, and within a day I made the purchase. All tests are fine. This is the third FC series I have owned- always surprised by the height --48 inches tall Graphtec FC8000-75. $500.00