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    I have Vinyl Master Pro on a windows computer that I use off and on and not sure what parts are missing in the lower levels but can honestly say the pro version is a rockin' program. I have not learned it to any great extent yet but have been very pleased with the functionality and common sense layout.
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    My Son plays baseball. Of all the kids to get a messed up shirt, it was my Son. The guy the coach used pressed a 3 on my Son's shirt and then removed it and pressed the correct number 21 on it. Needless to say we could still see the 3 and he had to make my Son a whole new shirt cause the HTV was so thick my Son could not stand the feel of it on his back.
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    its just two months old. I dont think its the blade holder because it cuts fine in one are I called support and told them about the problem and that I have talked to you guys and mentioned the cutting strip. They are going to send me a new one. Hopefully it will solve all my problems.
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    A sherif is paid so this is more like a group of vigilantes with arrest powers. Like one step below Barney Fife but with some skills
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    NEVER wrap wet. never never ever. Worst advice ever.