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    From ground to roof line is about 14ft, the snow banks now almost touch the roof line. Another foot tomorrow. Wouldn't move to Cali for any type of weather tho.
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    Pffff! what's a little winter with only '14 of snow.....
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    it is very weird, at least if we get it now it won't last very long, and i'm ok with that, I have a cousin that live in Bonners Ferry, ID and they got 30" in a day-day and a half, no thanks..
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    I agree it`s Old English. Think Your right, little bit of work but looks cool for Old English (don`t care for that font) mark-s
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    70 degrees in So.Cal. today mark-s
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    My redneck measuring put it at 29" in the driveway with the blowing so i say we got almost 3ft over night and it hasn't stopped yet. Oh and another foot on Wed Yippie
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    I concur. I would say start with the settings in this order: Blade depth (NOT a half credit card as sometimes noted) Just the very least amount possible to be able to cut through the vinyl but not all the way through the carrier sheet. Do it by hand with the blade holder out of the cutter. If you can cut all the way through the paper backing with medium pressure then you have too much. Then pressure (work up from a rough guess until it cuts through the vinyl and lightly scratched the paper. Followed by speed, I recommend 1/4 to 1/3 of your machines max capability. So if it can run as high as 800 mm/sec set it at 200. Speed doesn't help you at any time with cutting but it's especially bad with a cheap cutter. If you are having issues check your blade offset and sometimes people add a little overcut (usually about the same amount as your blade offset). All these terms are searchable and each one is a very precise adjustment. On your vinyl choice I, once you think you have your setting dialed in I would test with a few different vinyl brands and types. You will be amazed at the difference between rolls. Sometimes even within the same brand it will be different. I have a 50yd roll of 3M calendared that I bought from a local supplier thinking that 3m was a reputable brand so it would be safe. Not so. Hate the stuff. If it's not a nice big letter it weeds like crap and I have a $3500 cutter! I only use it for big easy jobs now cause it's so lousy to work with. Oracle 651 is WAY better. For tiny weeding I use either Oracal 751/951 or Gerber 225. Costs more per yd but the savings in time pays for the difference. Good luck with your project. It takes time and patience to dial in.