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    Thank you for your feedback as it is one of the best ways to improve the program by listening carefully to the needs of the customers. We have passed on your comments to our programmers and they are already working on it and will be adding custom options into the next update. We will also notify you on the support ticket you raised, with this update as soon as it has been implemented.
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    This is absolutely brilliant! Good job guys! Do want! Question: Does this have any negative impact on Automatic Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) for contour cutting (cutting prints)?
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    The basic presses from USCutter tend to be off on the temp. As previously mentioned, check the temps. My press at work, the cheap USCutter one, is 15-20 degrees off. Once I corrected for this the issues stopped.
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    I mix rubbing alcohol(91%) and water 50/50 and add a few drops of baby shampoo to a spray bottle.
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    Direct link to installer: http://download.uscutter.com/SBEforUSCutterSetup.exe This is the USCutter Edition (contains drivers for their cutters). Better Yet, here is the directory http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/ Also contains their manual. signblazer_elements_trial.exe signblazer_manual.pdf signblazer_setup.exe
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    oracal frosted glass reveresed and on the inside of a frame
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    I can't believe how many people with one post came here only looking for a file, then gone.
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