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    About a week ago I asked if vinyl would stick to blasted glass. Yup. Like a champ.
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    Happy Holidays share. Happy Holidays.eps
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    More Christmas shares..... Enjoy! Sue2 Wreath-02.eps Reason_4_Season.eps merry xmas tree.eps
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    There is room for all of the worlds animals. Right beside the mashed potatoes.
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    What cutter and software are you using? There should be a setting in the software someplace regarding offset. 0.25 is the standard staring point. Rounded corners usually mean you have to little offset.
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    Don't know if it's your cut file, or your cutter settings but your corners look a little rounded off. If it's not the file you may want to take a look at your offset settings for the cutter
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    You`d be surprised what a little redraw will do. mark-s