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    Looks good. I do a ton of these. Kind if burned out on people wanting whole pages in books to fit on them
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    There is Plenty of things you can do with screen printing, I got this job off of Craigslist a Bride wanted her invites for her wedding to be White Letters on Navy Blue Paper! here is a little video of me making her invites This is how they turned out
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    I want to learn how to do wraps. Some day.....
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    Same here... I did a $*@% ton of them for last Christmas. I already have several dozen now to do for Christmas already. I might have to quit after this Christmas..... so burned out on them.
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    ricoh with sawgrass ink so you don't have to worry about heads drying between uses and with the power driver profiles are changed automatically for you sawgrass now puts their name on the ricoh printers . . . . http://www.uscutter.com/Sawgrass-Virtuoso-SG400-Dye-Sublimation-Printer
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    I'd be in at layering white on red.
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    Make sure your pinch rollers are positioned over the textured parts of the grit roller. You need to manually unroll enough vinyl for the job, do not let the machine pull vinyl from the roll.
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    Harbor Freight bench top sandblasting cabinet, 150 AO media@40psi.
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    Where is it going? Store-front Window? Vehicle door? HTV on fabric? Also, at what size?
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    What I would do is look to see which color has the smallest parts that might not adhere well. Like the dots over the "i'", centers of other letters. However in this case that skinny tail of the dog isn't going to adhere very well at the tip. I'd go white over red. Then again you might get some bleed through of the red behind the white , which would darken the white a little.
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    Couple of rear fender decals for customers dodge pick up. These will go between wheel well and tail light like the rumble bee decals you see on some of the yellow dodge trucks. Was a PITA to weed the scorpions....Thankfully the customer will be installing these himself.
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    Did my first store front the other day. Largest scale job so far. Learned fast it was a 2 man job. Luckily i was able to get help fast. Pictures dont do the Orange justice. Pops really well and clear from the road. Future image going in blank space under shop name. Whole thing was a dry install....PITA. This is the 3rd time Ive tried wet install on glass with rapidtac and it not work. Use it on metal and works fine, on glass the vinyl never sticks. Had to go back and recut the shop name because of it never adhering to the glass when tried wet at first. I did each line individually to make it easier to install. Curious if I shouldnt have went with more wasted vinyl inbetween lines of text instead of more measuring on site. Curious what some of you would have charged for this job installed. I offered them 2 prices, just cut and installed as I was hoping they would take the just cut as I was intimidated by the size. But wasnt AS bad as I thought lol. Windows are 66" x 82" and door is 30" wide to give scale.
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    I have done several t-shirts like that but HTV is easier to work with. At the end of the day printing really is better for some of that kind of thing even though you are like me with no printer. The tiny details won't last that long so the end product looses some of the longevity. Good work though. Transfer those over onto a piece of clear backing from Oracal 8810 or Gerber 225 and you can see through the layers better as you stack them. This is also a good application for clear app tape.
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    I think I have a winner.
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    There is a easier way....I believe it's called Printing Looks Awesome though
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    Oh, good, I thought it was just me.......................
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    Is my phone broken or did the color change to puke green?
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    Updated. this is the decal installed on the vehicle
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    lol fire, On this skull I used the Epson RX595. http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/consumer/consDetail.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&oid=63069457 It's very important you dont just try this with a typical desktop printer. Do your research. I could not find a printer/brand that could meet all the specs to print to vinyl. If it's not UV issues it's something else. The inks are the most important part and the DPI of Epson printers are above any out there. If you want to do images to perfection I suggest Epson after all my 3 months of research. This printer is only $99 and has a slew of things that make it work perfectly for vinyl printing. This printer can also accept a CIS and print 8.5" x 44"! full bleed (edge to edge) Though with this printer you can't print 10 foot long bill boards, you can print images that far surpass any wide format vinyl printer on the market for quality DPI prints. Though I had to have a printer NOW! to completed the job, I meant to (and still plan) get a 1400 or R1900 Epson printer. If you can do this I highly suggest you do so for the 13" wide prints. Eric