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    Man I wish I knew how to do this
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    Some recent work I did. Also become Moody Blue Designs, Inc. today 4x4 Venom - Matte Black and Metallic Silver Oracal 751 Flag Window Graphics - Matte Black Oracal 751 Carolina Designz - White Oracal 751 Mini Cooper Engine Cover - Wrapped in Avery SW900 Charcoal Metallic w/embossed "Mini" and "Moody Blue Designs" Chevy 1500 Dechromed Front End - Avery SW900 Glossy Black
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    Thats the same thing i asked when i first started early last year lol.. It all depends on what they are looking for ..I started with black,white,yellow,red and light red,turquoise colors, lime green,traffic blue and brilliant blue. after a while i started ordering enough to cover the job at hand and enough for 2-3 mistakes, Since it only take me a few days to get colors in stock when i order , i just let the customer know it needs to be ordered if i dont have it and the reason why..They always understand when i explain material not being used and waisted...that way you dont have a large pile of unused colors but you have a small assortment on hand .now i have a few colors more and they are all paid for at least..
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    Finished my first commercial job this past weekend. 2014 Rav 4 used Avery SW900 Matte Black and Glossy White along with Oralite Black Reflective for the lightning bolts. Also used knifeless tape to break up the body line and contrast with the color of the car for a really nice effect against the dark metallic gray.
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    The 1430 is a good choice -
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    Also my new Rtic Tumblers and some cool giveaways for my "Moody Swag Pack"
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    Alright so I decided to share somethings I recently have done for samples and 1 was a sample but I messed up pressing it. So alright first thing is I decided to give Stahls Thermo Adhesive a try with foil so I made this unique oil spill butterfly t-shirt. Second I decided to press a Screen Printed transfer I ordered from Stahls just to get the feel of it and see how the Hotronix Fusion did with it compared to a Chinese press and its like comparing a Ferrari with a Volvo. My next couple of things I did where Rhinestones. And as you can tell the Dog Lover came out nicely however for some reason I messed up on the Princess one oh well live and learn right? In the near future I have a hands on review coming up and I will share that as soon as I get it done.
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