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    Love the Donald, tells it like it is!
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    So an update, 40 mugs deep and it is working perfectly. No cracked mugs and it is consistent results. So far well worth the $99
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    Yeah...maybe you guys have the strength to "cut like butter"... but I don't! Even a straight cut with the utility knife is tough for for this ole gal! Wouldn't want to hand cut paw prints. Sue2
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    Yes, like FROZEN butter LOL
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    "(They) do not have in stock as of yet." I am flabbergasted, honestly. A while back, I jumped on their deal to "upgrade" (basically their way of saying-- if you work with our machines, try this cut/design program, for $30.) and discovered they packed a printed card along with my order for vinyl, banners, and misc. stuff. That card contained a barcoded serial number to authorize me to download and install. No physical disk. So, what are they "out of stock" of? Printed postcards? Weird.
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    Same here. When I donate money to political campaigns and they send me a sticker I never apply to my vehicle. Too many people get so wrapped up and angered because you don't agree with them that they will mess up your stuff. Not even worth it.
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    Funny stuff. Seems there are a lot more good old days than good new days... TV's and HAM radio were always connected in some way or another. It's amazing how many radios and amplifiers were made out of old TV's. Everything you needed was in those sets. Not any more. I do miss tubes...
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    I'll "one up ya". My first Corel had no version number! Would have been considered "1" I suppose? I run x3 here only because I can't affor to upgrade. Best program ever writter!
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    Here to help been a corel freak for life If I had a tattoo it would be the corel logo lol
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    I use medium tack, works great mark-s
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    It will, dry fit is almost always polyester with sometimes a little lycra or spandex thrown in. (better check) If it's stretchy though you will give them a better product by using Siser Stretch. It will handle the material movement better and last longer and feel better. If it's a color you use regularly I recommend keeping some in stock. It is nice to have when you need it and you can still use it for regular shirts if you run low on the regular Siser.
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    Trump2016.eps Sure, enjoy!