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    Our ice maker floods the freezer all the time, but I think it's cause the kids are careless with it.
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    here's one I pulled from www.brandsoftheworld.com and edited slightly and did some node clean up for ya. Maybe this works tattoo gun.eps
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    Here's one I just put together... needs a few tweaks as I was mainly going for speed. (16 minutes, flat) 1970DodgeDartSwinger_02b.svg 1970DodgeDartSwinger_02b.eps
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    Got an email from the guy's wife this morning, saying they had put the print up, and it had a bunch of creases in it, and her husband was such a perfectionist, but they could live with it, if I gave a 50% refund. She doesn't want to be bothered with sending it back, and getting a new one, and me claiming the damage on the insurance. Ain't happenin' honey. You got two choices, and that ain't one of them.
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    A simple sign I made for use around the shop. I put it on a 18x25 corplast (cheap!) and already used it today. SizeChart.EPS SizeChart.EPS
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    Pretty sure everyone in this thread was willing to help out..
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    Here is my attempt at it, could still use some more node editing though... jump_start.EPS
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    The buyer could still file claim on the insurance, no problem, all they have to do is go to the USPS.com website and open a claim...Show receipt of purchase.. I actually tell my buyers to do it. As they have the package, and the package CANNOT be reshipped back..per USPS.com .The buyer must show the package to their USPS local post office, when requested to do so.. So, if the buyer actually screwed the decal up while applying, the post office doesn't have to pay the claim, if not their fault. Usually the post office keeps the item then.. I would not have paid out of my pocket. This is why the USPS provides the insurance FREE up to $50 on Priority and higher shipping.. and $100 to TOP Rated sellers. on EBAY
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    I do sleeves om my 16 X 20 platen. I slide a mouse pad in the sleeve where I plan to press so the seam below doesn't interfere.
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    If you are planning to market it then you are at risk. My understanding is that you can pretty much build anything you have the ability to for your own use. Turn around and sell it to someone or often even give it away and you step out onto the "Plank"
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    My $0.02, in 2011 I bought a reasonable priced swing away press thinking that I would just do a few shirts here and there for my kids and if someone happened to want one I would be able to crank it out. Fast forward to now, I have not done any kind of analysis but I would not be the least surprised if 70% of my business (small as it is) is now apparel. I should buy a new fancy heat press, probably will when I get the itch but that silly affordable press is still cranking out the business with very little investment. I think I paid $350 or so from USCutter. They don't offer the same model anymore. Nothing fancy, the heat gauge is off but it does great. My point is not to get too worried about coming up with the top of the line when you are just getting your feet wet. You already have a cutter and the skills to make decals which translates into the same ability to design and cut HTV. Add a cheap press and the sleeve decals are a snap. The transfers are basically about as easy. At least if you get going and decide it's just too much work then you have more information to make a decision if it goes big. I too have a hat press that I prefer to do sleeves with but a regular press and a prefect press pad (or probably a mouse pad) will get it done with a little care.
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    These are a few projects my wife had me do this week. The NO KID HUNGRY ties are for her general managers at her stores. The Arby's tie was for her. And the cheese tray and champagne bottle are for a close friend's daughter. And thanks to ScareKrow for the wedding ring file. Downloaded in the graphics forum. Butch
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    I might do Teespring first just to see what happens and when I can afford the Hottronix Clam Shell I'll get that. I don't want a cheap press, but I do eventually want full-control over my designs (along with sleeve printing). At least with the Teespring thing I can see how well my shirts/designs sell and then that will give me confidence to make better shirts later. Thanks for all the great advice!
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    All EPS files are not created equal.
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    I do sleeves on my hat press usually but I can do the on my regular press with a pillow type setup to keep them nice and flat. Jet pro sofstretch for white shirts and 3G opaque for the rest.
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    Lol you didn't have to take it down. It was really aimed at the OP. They can learn to do that in no time and not feel bad about selling your work.
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    Yeah... Just use it and their Lawyers will get in touch with YOU!
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    I'm a Ford guy myself but I think that's it. They have a factory one I can get the dimensions off but honestly that stripe over the scoop will be trial and error to get right. If it were something 1 color I'd just order the kit and mark it up but the wide part is going to be purple and the pinstripe is going to be gold so I don't think ordering is an option. I don't have the time to install so it's either cash and carry or no deal.