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    Measures 15 x 38. All ready for carpenter to pick up
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    got a new sublimation setup and started to doing small things for people I know and recently made a online store. let me kno what you guys think.
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    My wife made me make this for all her male cousin's that are married! it was a order of like 16 shirts LoL
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    send them all these pics and say exactly what you just told us. you ordered a new machine, not a scratch & dent. Have them send you a new one, or demand a full refund.
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    If the police did their jobs down here maybe it wouldn't be so wild west but it is what it is. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
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    Any one have something close to this. Just the truck, it`s a Peterbuilt. Thanks mark-s
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    With their lack of contact I would initiate a paypal claim to light a fire under their butts.
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    Here are the latest t-shirts I cut. The weeding wasn't that bad and EasyWeed was amazing as always. The electric green really pops in person.
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    With my Titan, I could never get my computer to see it under serial. Switched to USB and everything is fine.
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    Here is the original pic. I thought it was a quality pic but it sure didn't turn out to good
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    http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/44911-pulled-the-trigger-today/#entry358847 I think someone got it work - see the link above
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    I do my fair share of plates but don't really push them. I left a comment on your other post as far as your plate goes...
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    Good start , remember to use the best image you can get. I wouldn't have had the hole going threw the text on the plate and remember a lot of folks put those chrome borders around their plate and if the text is close to the edge it will be behind the chrome border... The plate looks like it has what I call dust that comes from either cheap sublimation plates or to long of a time usually
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    TRUCKS_011B.EPS Closest I have, maybe it will help
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    Here are a few taken from the SIgnBlazer library, probably not decorative/ornate enough though... sb_crosses.EPS
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    SignBlazer contains a built-in Library (DRAW menu) that is dedicated to "Mason Crosses" (Design Elements category)
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    Actually it is more work to do an Etsy claim against a seller.. You have to mail everything in, with your proof, and their ads, to their offices in New York, and sign a penalty for perjury affidavit...I went thru that with a seller on Etsy, who was also a UScutter forum member... who got booted from here.( ) And I think Karma is still biting him in the A$$!!
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    Okay, just one more. (You're right Slice, it needed bubbles)
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    Truck is complete, customer is happy. Big thanks to dakotagrafx for the printed decals.
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    here is the patch eps http://veteran-graphics.com/army_pages/united_states_army_brigades/united_states_army_engineer_brigades.html the claw is from a fishing line producer http://www.askari-fishing.co.uk/__WebShop__/product/fishing/fishing-accessories-5/rigs-traces-2/steel-hardmono-traces-2/saenger-iron-claw-authanic-wire/detail.jsf with a added rip in the castle badge. not sure if this will help you at all. there are also a few people that will clean that up for you for a small fee. I do know the feeling I used to send my stuff to the local print shop and they were not advanced enough to process my files. Part of what got me into decals and such.
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    No garage here but I'm in a better climate than you too. I actually install right out front either on Main st. or in the parking lot directly across from the store. It draws lookers and potential customers when I'm out there. I did a boat Saturday in the parking lot and picked up 2 small jobs and even had the police stop and tell me it looked good . Nice working in a small town.
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    duhhh - why do you think everyone has the same thing for sale on ebay and etsy?